USB-C 12G-SDI Video Capture Card with Scaler, HDMI 2.0/12G-SDI loop out, Audio

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The BG-12GCSA is a USB-C 12G-SDI video capture device with a scaler, HDMI 2.0/12G-SDI loopout, and audio that provides a professional way to capture SDI video signals. It adopts a USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1 (USB 3.0) interface, which allows for high-speed data transmission. Additionally, the SDI input and loopout can support up to 4K2K@60.

Users can connect the BG-12GCSA to a 4K2K@60 source and capture Ultra HD (4K2K@30) video. Furthermore, this unit can capture and display original, uncompressed SDI video, with a more realistic color rendition. The BG-12GCSA uses large volume image buffer technology, which effectively avoids video tearing. The high sampling rate and accuracy ensure that the captured videos have a high degree of sharpness, rich details, and fewer color edges.


  • Volume control
    Use the volume control knobs to adjust the MIC/Headphone volume
  • Plug and Play
    Auto-detection of video format
  • Software Compatibility
    Compatible with most 3rd party software such as OBS Studio and AMCap
  • Mic-in-mix
    Allows the microphone's audio input to be combined or mixed with the audio that is being transmitted through the SDI connection
  • Low Latency
    3~4ms at 1080P
  • Auto-Detection
    Auto 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI detection
  • SDI video and audio streams over USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1
  • UVC1.0/1.1/1.5
  • Video resolutions up to 4K2K@30/1080P@120 (Video stream over USB-C)
  • HDMI up to 4K2K@60
  • SDI input & loopout resolutions: 720p@50,[email protected], 720p@60, 1080i@50, [email protected], 1080i@60,[email protected], 1080p@24, 1080p@25, [email protected], 1080p@30, 1080p@50, [email protected], 1080p@60, [email protected], 4K2K@24, 4K2K@25, [email protected], 4K2K@30, 4K2K@50, [email protected], 4K2K@60
  • Bit Rate: 11.88 Gbps, 11.88/1.001 Gbps, 5.94 Gbps, 5.94/1.001 Gbps, 2.97 Gbps, 2.97/1.001 Gbps, 1.485 Gbps, 1.485/1.001 Gbps, 270 Mbps
  • Deinterlacer & scaler (upscale to 1080p@120Hz)
  • SDI audio extraction
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7/8.1/10/11, Mac, & Linux OS
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 (RGB/YUY2/NV12) (capture up to 4K2K@30) and USB 2.0 (YUY2/NV12) (capture up to 1080@15)
  • USB-C reversible


High End 4k Capture Cards and Devices from BZBGEAR | ISE 2024
High End 4k Capture Cards and Devices from BZBGEAR | ISE 2024
Elevate Your Video Capture Card with USB-C and 12G-SDI: Introducing BG-12GCSA
Elevate Your Video Capture Card with USB-C and 12G-SDI: Introducing BG-12GCSA
Captivating Clarity: Introducing BG-12GCSA USB-C 12G-SDI Video Capture
Captivating Clarity: Introducing BG-12GCSA USB-C 12G-SDI Video Capture

Tech Specifications

Model Name BG-12GCSA
Role of usage Video Capture Device
Input/loopout Video bandwidth [SDI] 11.88 Gbps, 11.88/1.001 Gbps
Output bandwidth Up to 5 Gbps (USB-C)
Video support (USB-C) Up to 4K2K@30/1080P@120
Video support (Loopout) Up to 4K2K@60
Input Video Support [12G-SDI] 4K2K @50/59.94/60Hz
[6G-SDI] 4K2K @23.98/24, 25, 29.97, 30Hz
[3G-SDI] 1080p50/59.94/60Hz
[HD-SDI] 720p @50/59.94/60Hz, 1080i @50/59.94/60Hz, 1080p @23.98/24/25/29.97/30Hz
Audio Input SDI Embedded Audio & Stereo audio Input
Audio Support HDMI output/ SDI loopout up to 7.1ch, Toslink up to 5.1ch, Stereo audio up to 2ch
Recording Video Format RGB/YUY2/NV12 (USB 3.1 Gen 1), YUY2/NV12 (USB 2.0)
ESD protection Human body model — ±15kV [air-gap discharge] & ±8kV [contact discharge]
PCB stack-up 4-layer board [impedance control — differential 100Ω; single 50Ω]
Cable equalization [12G-SDI] Input up to 30m; Loopout up to 70m
[6G-SDI] Input up to 70m; Loopout up to 120m
[3G-SDI] Input up to 200m; Loopout up to 200m
Firmware update USB-C Port
Input 1x BNC(SDI) + 1x 3.5mm
Output 1x USB-C + 1x HDMI + 1x BNC(SDI) + 1x 3.5mm + 1x Toslink
HDMI connector Type A [19-pin female]
USB connector USB 3.1 Type C (SuperSpeed USB)
Software compatibility
(not a complete list)
OBS Studio (Windows, Linux, MAC), AMCap (Windows), Potplayer (Windows)¸ VLC (OS X, Linux), XSplit Broadcaster (Windows), Skype (Windows, OS X), Zoom (Windows), Hangout (Windows), TeamViewer (Windows)
OS Support Windows 7 /8.1 /10/11, Mac and Linux OS
Housing Metal enclosure
[L x W x H]
Model 5.4" x 3.2" x 1.2" [137 x 81 x 30mm]
Package 7.8" x 5.4" x 2.9" [198 x 137 x 74mm]
Weight Model 7.3 oz [207g]
Package 1 lbs [492g]
Power supply 5V DC
Power consumption 8 Watts [max]
Operation temperature 32~104°F / 0~40°C
Storage temperature -4~140°F / -20~60°C
Relative humidity 20~90% RH [no condensation]


  • 1x BG-12GCSA
  • 1x USB 3.0 A to C Cable (host to device)
  • 1x User Manual


  1. STEREO AUDIO IN: Connect to an analog stereo audio source.
  2. STEREO AUDIO OUT: Extract audio from SDI input.
  3. TOSLINK OUT: Extract audio from SDI input.
  4. LED INDICATOR: USB-C LED signal indicator
    [Red] The device is connected to the USB 2.0 port on the host
    [Blue] The device is connected to the USB 3.0 port on the host.
  5. LED INDICATOR: SDI input signal indicator LED.
  6. STEREO AUDIO IN VOLUME KNOB: Adjust the stereo audio in sound level.
  7. STEREO AUDIO OUT VOLUME KNOB: Adjust the stereo audio out sound level.
  8. +5V DC: 5V DC power jack.
  9. USB-C OUT: Connect to a USB host.
  10. HDMI OUT: Connect to a HDMI display.
  11. SDI IN: 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI Input.
  12. SDI LOOPOUT: 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI loopout.