4K UHD 75-ohm Shielded 12G SDI Cable (UHD)

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Introducing the BG-CAB-12SDI: Your Ultimate 4K Video Companion

Experience flawless 4K video transmission with the BG-CAB-12SDI by BZBGEAR. Designed to meet the demands of professional videographers and enthusiasts alike, these cables offer a seamless connection for your high-resolution content.

Features in Depth

12G-SDI Compatibility: Unlock the full potential of 4K with 12G-SDI support. These cables effortlessly handle ultra-high-definition content, delivering sharp images and vibrant colors without compromise.

Interference Rejection: Say goodbye to signal disruptions. The cables are equipped with a woven shield that effectively rejects electromagnetic interference, providing you with a clear and consistent video feed.

Extended Reach: Cover distances up to 70 meters without sacrificing quality. The BG-CAB-12SDI gives you the flexibility to set up your equipment wherever you need, making it ideal for both studio and on-location shoots.

Unmatched Durability

High-Quality Construction: The BG-CAB-12SDI is built on a foundation of precision. It employs 75-ohm shielded coaxial cable and premium BNC connectors, ensuring minimal signal loss and maintaining the integrity of your video data.

Durable Design: Built to withstand the demands of various setups, these cables are a reliable choice for both temporary and permanent installations. Their durability ensures a consistent and dependable SDI connection.


  • Reliable
    Designed to handle years of abuse
  • 4K UHD
    Transmit signals up to 4K@60fps
  • Long Distance
    Transmit signals up to 70m
  • Tested
    3Ghz sweep tested to guarantee quality
  • Inexpensive
    SDI cables cost a fraction of HDMI cables
  • BNC Сonnectors
    Ensuring minimal signal loss
This cable is the ultimate choice for

Professional Video Cameras

  • 4K Quality
  • Signal protection
  • Long range

Professional video cameras often require high-quality cables to transmit 4K UHD video signals without any loss of quality. This SDI cable can be used to connect 4K cameras to recording equipment or live broadcasting systems.

Studio Setups

  • Long range
  • Signal Protection
  • AV equipment compatibility

In a studio environment where you need to transmit video signals over longer distances, this cable's ability to cover distances up to 70 meters while maintaining 4K quality is valuable. It's suitable for connecting cameras to switchers, monitors, and other studio equipment.

Live Broadcasts

  • 4K Quality
  • Signal protection
  • Long range

This SDI cable is ideal for live broadcasting setups where a reliable and interference-free connection is crucial. It ensures that 4K video signals can be transmitted over extended distances with minimal signal loss.

Professional Audio/Video Installations

  • Durability
  • Signal protection
  • Long-range

Whether you're setting up a permanent audio/video installation in a conference room, auditorium, or sports venue, this SDI cable offers the durability and quality needed for long-term use.

Event Productions

  • 4K Quality
  • Camera Compatibility
  • Long-range

If you're involved in event production, such as concerts or live performances, where high-definition video feeds are crucial, this cable can be used to connect cameras to video processors and projectors

Television Broadcasting

  • 4K Quality
  • Signal protection
  • Long-range

Television studios and broadcasting facilities can benefit from this cable to ensure reliable 4K UHD video transmission between various equipment, including cameras, video routers, and control rooms.

Security & Surveillance Systems

  • Camera compatibility
  • Signal protection
  • Long range

In scenarios where high-definition video feeds are part of security or surveillance systems, this cable can be used to connect cameras to recording or monitoring equipment.

Medical Imaging

  • 4K Quality
  • Signal protection
  • Long range

In medical applications, such as surgical suites or radiology labs, where high-definition video signals are used for diagnostic purposes, this cable can ensure the transmission of clear and detailed imagery.