USB/Bluetooth Desktop Conference Speakerphones with 360 Audio Pickup up to 4M

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The BG-SMB-4M is a USB/Bluetooth speakerphone. It is equipped with an integrated high-fidelity omni-directional microphone to provide a 360-degree pickup, up to 12 feet away. This speaker can quickly connect to laptops, smartphones and tablets via the USB, or Bluetooth connections. The rechargeable battery features a 4-hour battery life for performance on the go.

The 3.5mm headset port allows users to switch from a conference call to a private conversation. With full-duplex echo cancellation, noise reduction, and ultra-wideband HD voice technology this speaker provides crystal clear sound free from echoes or distortions. Capable of volume levels up to 85dB, it's also equipped with a line out connection for situations where more volume is needed.


Easy to Use
USB Plug and Play
Connect via USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth
Comes with a carrying case
Echo Cancellation
Sounds good in any room
Designed to handle years of use
Powerful Sound
Works well for voice or music
  • Integrated high-fidelity omni-directional microphone provides 360 degree pickup up to 12 feet away
  • Advanced DSP technology delivers remarkably rich, crystal-clear audio
  • Suitable for meeting rooms up to 40 square meters
  • Connects in seconds to laptops, smartphones and tablets via USB or Bluetooth
  • Ideal for voice, music and multimedia
  • 3.5 mm audio output allows multiple playback options
  • 22KHz full duplex echo cancellation & noise reduction removes ambient room noise
  • Designed to be as mobile as you are - Lightweight design, protective travel pouch, and a 4 hour battery life help you get things done on the go
  • Works with most video conferencing and cloud communication apps


BZBGEAR Bluetooth and USB Speakerphones for Any Business Conference
BZBGEAR Bluetooth and USB Speakerphones for Any Business Conference
Meet, Connect, & Engage with the BZBGEAR Conference Kit for Any Size Room
Meet, Connect, & Engage with the BZBGEAR Conference Kit for Any Size Room

Tech Specifications

Voice technical parameters Acoustic Echo cancellation (AEC): >65dB
Echo length cancellation: ≥500ms
Bidirectional noise compression (NC): <25dB
Automatic Direction finding Technology of Intelligent microphone (EMI)
Automatic gain control (AGC)
Audio parameters Microphone frequency response: 100Hz-22KHz
Speaker frequency response: 100Hz-22KHz
Speaker volume: 95dB at the most
Microphone sound-pickup diameter: 4m, 360 degrees full range
Interface Bluetooth / USB interface, 3.5mm audio output
Power supply USB power supply (5V/500m)
Computer environment Windows, Mac OSX, Android
Operating environment Operational environment: 32 ~ 104°F / 0 ~ 40°C, Working humidity: 20 ~ 85% (no frost)
Size 5.6 x 5.6 x 1.7in / 7.6 x 7.6 x 3.5in (before/after packaging)
141 x 141 x 42mm / 192 x 192 x 90mm (before/after packaging)
Weight 0.57 lbs / 1.1 lbs [260g/500g] (Net/Gross weight)



  • Microphone
  • 1.8m USB cable
  • User’s manual


  1. Answer/Hang up button.
  2. Bluetooth button.
  3. Microphone activate/mute.
  4. LED indicator – green microphone active, red microphone mute.
  5. Volume -.
  6. Volume +.
  7. Power button.
  8. Micro USB interface to connect to PC audio source.
  9. 3.5mm stereo mini input jack.
  10. Bluetooth indicator led.