1080P FHD 75-ohm Premade Shielded SDI with DC Siamese Cable

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BZBGEAR SDI Siamese cables are made using 75 ohm shielded coaxial cable with high-quality BNC connectors. The addition of a 2-conductor 18-gauge stranded copper wire allows power or serial control to be carried with the video signal on a single wire run. They are designed to reliably support 3G-SDI cameras and equipment at resolutions up to 1080P over distances up to 100m. The cables feature a woven shield to help reject electromagnetic interference and deliver pristine images free from artifacts. They are suitable for both temporary and permanent applications requiring a high-quality SDI connection.


  • Reliable
    Designed to handle years of abuse
  • Inexpensive
    SDI cables cost a fraction of HDMI cables
  • Siamese Wire
    Carries DC power or RS232/485 signal
  • 1080P HD
    Transmit signals up to 1080P60
  • Long Distance
    Transmit signals up to 100m
  • Tested
    3Ghz sweep tested to guarantee quality
This cable is the ultimate choice for

Professional Video Production

  • Durability
  • Full HD Video Signal
  • Long Range

This cable is suitable for connecting cameras, switchers, monitors, and other video equipment in a professional video production setup. It can handle 1080P Full HD video signals, making it ideal for capturing high-quality footage.

Broadcasting Equipment

  • Long-range
  • Signal Protection
  • Camera Compatibility

Television studios, newsrooms, and broadcasting facilities can use this cable to transmit video signals over significant distances without compromising quality. It's compatible with 3G-SDI cameras and equipment, which are commonly used in broadcasting.

Live Event Production

  • Signal Protection
  • Long Range
  • Durability

Event organizers and live production teams can benefit from this cable when setting up temporary video infrastructure for concerts, sports events, conferences, and more. Its long-distance capabilities (up to 100m) ensure that video signals reach their destination without degradation.

Security Systems

  • DC Power
  • Signal Protection
  • Durability

The Siamese wire feature of this cable, which can carry DC power or RS232/485 signals alongside video, makes it suitable for security camera installations. It simplifies wiring for surveillance systems and helps transmit video and control signals efficiently.

Professional Audio-Visual Installations

  • AV equipment compatibility
  • DC power
  • EMI Protection

In permanent AV installations, such as conference rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums, this cable can be used to connect projectors, displays, and other AV equipment. Its high-quality shielding reduces electromagnetic interference for pristine audio and video quality.

Medical Imaging

  • Full HD Video Signal
  • EMI Protection
  • Medical Camera Compatibility

Some medical imaging equipment, like endoscopy cameras and surgical displays, require high-definition video transmission. This cable can be used to maintain image clarity and fidelity in medical settings.

Industrial & Commercial Applications

  • Full HD Video Signal
  • Long Range
  • EMI Protection

Any application that requires the transmission of high-definition video signals over extended distances, such as manufacturing quality control systems or large-scale digital signage installations, can benefit from this cable.