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BG-4K-VP Series Guide: Matrix, Video Wall Configuration, and Multiviewing All-in-One Interface

Trevon Martin • February 28, 2024

Welcome to the BG-4K-VP series guide! Here, you'll learn how to effectively utilize the matrixing, video wall, and multiview features through the WebGUI interface.

Step 1: Connecting to the Network

First, ensure your BG-4K-VP unit is connected to the network via an ethernet cable. Locate the TCP/IP labeled ethernet port at the back of your unit and connect one end of the cable there. Then, connect the other end to your network switch or router. Double-check for the correct port connection.

Enabling DHCP:

For seamless networking, enabling DHCP is recommended. Access the menu settings on the front panel of your BG-4K-VP and enable DHCP. After setup, find the IP address under the Info tab in the same menu.


Step 2: Logging into the Web Interface

Once connected, log into the web interface:

  • Open a browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Safari).
  • Type the BG-4K-VP unit's IP address into the address bar.
  • A BZBGEAR login page will appear. Enter the default username and password: admin, admin.


Step 3: Understanding Matrixing

Navigate to the Matrix tab to individually route input sources to desired outputs. Alternatively, assign a single input source to all outputs quickly by selecting it next to ‘All’. 


Step 4: Setting Up a Video Wall

Access video wall settings:

  • Click on the ‘Preset’ tab.
  • Locate ‘Video Wall’
  • Choose your video wall configuration and click ‘Call’ to display it.
  • Before adjusting the bezel, consider enabling the ‘Fit to Screen’ on your TV feature for optimal display.


Step 5: How to set up multiview

  • In the same section, right under ‘Video Wall’, you will see ‘Multiview’. In the dropdown menu next to it, you can select your multiview configuration and click on ‘Call’ to set it. 



  • Unable to access the interface: If you have gone through the steps above for networking, and are still having issues with accessing the web interface, power cycle the unit and reconnect to the network. Also, double-check that you have properly configured the IP addresses. If you are still having trouble, contact tech support.
  • No output, or bad output image quality: If you are receiving no output image or a bad output image, go into the ‘Output’ tab in the interface and change the resolution. Also, make sure that ‘Video’ is turned on. It’s also recommended to test the HDMI cables. Check ethernet cables and extenders as well if you are using the PRO series. 
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