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One of the best network based production toolkits in the industry is from NDI® by NewTek. One of the latest developments in their legendary toolkit is the NDI® iOS test patterns app. This iOS app is available free of charge on the Apple Store, for iPad and iPhone. 


The test patterns app allows users to test NDI® signals and NDI® enabled devices for color and sound, independent of other hardware. It also supports the sending of an audio test tone at different standard volumes, which is useful when checking receiver audio levels. Furthermore, users enjoy the ability to add pictures from their photo gallery, enabling custom NDI® slide shows.  NDI® is always developing new ways to simplify network based production for users of all skill levels!

Advanced Features of this iOS app 

The two advanced features of this iOS app is the support for high resolution photos and automatic NDI® device recognition. The support for high resolution photos is vital for the custom NDI® slideshow feature. The automatic NDI® device recognition is one of the most important features. Being able to automatically pick up on NDI® devices makes your job a lot easier. There will be no need to manually configure every single NDI® device you need to test with the iOS app. 

Overall, the NDI® iOS test patterns app is a vital tool for every NDI® user. To download the app, click here. To learn more about NDI, visit:

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