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It was September 1927, when the world’s first electronic television was created and successfully demonstrated. Since then, humans have worked tirelessly to evolve the world of digital entertainment. It is now the year 2022, and digital entertainment has become so advanced, humans are now working tirelessly to simplify it. One of the current leaders in simplifying digital connectivity for digital entertainment is HDBaseT.

What is HDBaseT? It is a worldwide one cable standard that provides a simple and elegant solution to home and commercial networking. HDBaseT provides all-in-one connectivity standard five-play on a single cable. Simply put, one cable connects all sources and gets rid of that messy cable management. No more zip ties and tape! Through the five-play future set, HDBaseT technology allows for uncompressed high definition: video, audio, ethernet connection and control signals. This five-play future set also supports over 100 watts of power over a single 100-meter cat5 or cat6 cable. That’s 100-watts of power over 328-feet for those who don’t celebrate the metric system.

Where does this LAN cable plug into? Let’s discuss the easy to manage set up process! First, all of the user's sources should be connected to an HDBaseT switch. The switch can easily be tucked away so it is not visible. Then, users should connect their LAN cables (cat5 or cat6) to the switch; which can then be connected to their display devices. With an HDBaseT switch, all that’s needed to control all sources on any device is the downloadable remote control. This simple to use remote control can be downloaded on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

Once the HDBaseT system is set up, users will be able to seamlessly switch between a variety of sources such as: cable boxes, gaming consoles, streaming services and cameras. The number of sources that are available to the user will depend on the number of inputs and outputs their switcher supports.

For example, BZBGEAR offers an 8x8 HDMI and HDBaseT Matrix Switch with Bi Directional IR, Ethernet and ARC Function! That is 8 HDMI inputs and 8 HDBaseT outputs supporting 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 chroma. Simply put, users can connect 8 HDMI sources to the switcher and connect all 8 of those sources to 8 different displays within 100 meters (or 328 feet).

Overall, HDBaseT technology continues to advance and simplify the AV industry. 

To learn more about HDBaseT, visit: To learn more about HDBaseT compliant BZBGEAR products, visit:

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