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PTZ Camera Control With Your iPhone

Trevon Martin • August 31, 2022

Phone technology has come a long way since the invention of the BlackBerry flip phone. The things smartphones can do in 2022 are mind boggling. Who would've thought that we would be able to control PTZ cameras from an app on our phones!

How do I control PTZ cameras with my iPhone?

With the BZBGEAR IOS cameras control app, you can control up to 8 cameras on your iPhone. Not only are you able to pan tilt and zoom; you can add custom names for cameras and presets for easy identification. With the other settings, you can adjust the PTZ speeds to create smooth, professional looking transitions. Also, managing auto-Focus, Zoom, and Iris sliders will give you the ability to make precise adjustments to perfect your craft. Once you have everything where you want it, you can use the favorites feature to store presets from different cameras on a single screen for improved multi-camera management. Just a reminder, this can all be done on your iPhone with our free camera control software app!

Can I download the PTZ controller app on my iPad?

 Yes, the iPad app even has an additional feature called video preview. The video preview feature on the iPad allows you to quickly and easily create presets directly from the app, and each preset features a video snapshot for fast and easy recall. Other than that, the iPad version lets you do the same things as the iPhone version. Either way, controlling PTZ cameras from a handheld device that you’re already comfortable with using is a game changer. As long as your manager doesn’t think you’re playing Tetris on the job. 

Overall, the BZBGEAR IOS cameras control app is a very effective and easy to use PTZ camera control software for your mobile devices. If you’re someone that works better on your phone or tablet, download our free IOS camera app today. Make sure you pick up one of our compatible PTZ cameras as well. To learn more about the PTZ control software, visit:


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