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NDI 5.5 Brings new Features To The NDI Revolution

Trevon Martin • August 5, 2022

The evolution of NDI is happening faster than we ever imagined. NDI recently released its NDI 5.5 tool pack update, which adds game-changing features to its media over IP protocol. The NDI 5.5 tool pack offers more creative freedom than ever before. With these new features combined with the existing ones, users can connect any device, at any location, anywhere in the world.

NDI 5.5 enhances key features that provide more creative freedom to content producers, manufacturers, and developers. NDI 5.5 offers some very exciting new additions such as a new (and free) routing tool, upgraded webcam functions and upgraded remote capabilities. One of the most important new features is the ability to stream audio-over-IP. 

 NDI 5.5 Routing Tool

The new and free routing tool included in the NDI 5.5 tool package allows users to swiftly route NDI sources as custom inputs to selected outputs very simply. Users will be able to route video and audio signals to an array of destinations. Furthermore, users can use the router to create presets and customize their controls. 

 NDI 5.5 Webcam Tool

The updated webcam functions on the NDI webcam tool allows users to now configure up to four NDI signals as webcams. These webcams can be used simultaneously with multiple conferencing applications. 

 NDI 5.5 Remote Tool

The upgraded remote now allows users to send and manage audio and video from a variety of sources to a local NDI receiver for broadcast and recording. Another new feature of the remote is, users can also send a return audio signal to a remote contributor. This function is key for sharing information, giving stage direction plus more with the talkback feature. Communication is key!


Now for one of the most important new features, advanced NDI Audi/o! This feature allows SDK users to connect any audio device as an NDI source. This can now be done without the help of a 3rd party software application. Now, it can be done as an independent source. This feature brings audio over-IP into the NDI revolution! The new audio over IP capabilities makes NDI a fierce competitor for companies like DANTE AV who specialize in audio over IP streaming.


Overall, we are excited to see what NDI will do next. The NDI 5.5 tool kit is now available on For more information about NDI, visit or

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