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Dante AV-H Technology by Audinate: Enabling Audio-Visual Over IP

Trevon Martin • February 14, 2023

In today's digital age, audio, and video are two critical components of modern communication and entertainment. However, transporting audio and video signals over long distances can be challenging, especially in live events, broadcasts, and conferencing applications. That's where Dante AV (Audio-Visual) over IP technology comes in.

Developed by Audinate, Dante AV is a powerful solution that allows the transmission of both audio and video signals over a standard Ethernet network. By enabling the creation of fully integrated audio and video networks, Dante AV offers a flexible and reliable tool for a wide range of applications.

Here's a YouTube video featuring Gus Marcondes of Audinate, discussing all things Dante AV and Dante AV-H. Watch the full video here

What is Dante AV?

Dante AV uses the same network infrastructure as Dante audio, but with the added capability of transmitting video signals. Using standard networking equipment, this technology is designed to transport high-quality and low-latency.

Dante AV provides features such as low latency, accurate synchronization of audio and video, and support for high-resolution video formats, making it a highly reliable and effective solution for delivering high-quality AV signals.


What is Dante AV-H?

Dante AV-H is a variant of the Dante AV technology that is specifically designed for the transmission of video signals over IP networks. It supports HDMI 2.0a and can transmit video signals up to 4K60 4:2:0. With Dante AV-H, users can easily integrate video sources and displays into their Dante-enabled audio networks, providing a fully integrated and flexible solution for AV distribution. Dante AV-H also provides ease of integration into existing Dante systems with one platform for all audio and video routing, configuration, and management


Applications of Dante AV-H

Dante AV-H is ideal for applications that require the high-quality and low-latency transmission of video signals. Here are a few examples:


Live Events: Dante AV-H is an excellent choice for live events requiring audio and video signals to be transmitted over long distances. With Dante AV-H, live events can be streamed in real time with low latency and high quality.


Broadcast: Dante AV-H is also an excellent solution for broadcast applications, where audio and video signals must be delivered quickly and reliably. Dante AV-H can provide reliable and high-quality audio and video signals for news, sports, and other broadcast applications.


Conferencing: Dante AV-H is perfect for video conferencing applications where high-quality audio and video signals are essential for effective communication. With Dante AV-H, remote participants can enjoy high-quality audio and video in real time, making it a valuable tool for businesses and educational institutions.


Overall, Dante AV-H is a powerful technology that enables the transmission of audio and video signals over IP networks. With its support for high-resolution video formats and low latency, Dante AV-H is an excellent solution for applications such as live events, broadcasts, and conferencing. By integrating audio and video signals into a single network, Dante AV-H provides a flexible and reliable solution for AV distribution, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of applications. For more information about Dante AV and Dante AV-H, visit Furthermore, you can catch all of the latest educational content from Audinate on their YouTube Channel!

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