Capture devices and video converters are designed to convert video signals from one format to another. In the case of a capture device, its purpose is to convert the video signal to USB for editing, storing, or streaming from a computer. Video converters take various legacy input sources and convert them to HDMI for connection to modern A/V equipment. BZBGEAR has HD capture devices and video converters in stock and ready to ship from our facility in Sacramento, CA directly to your doorstep. Browse our selection or consult one of our expert sales engineers to find the right product for your application today.

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BZBGEAR® brings three capture cards to the game! BG-CSA is an SDI capture card while BG-CAP-HA and BG-CHA support HDMI. All are compatible with PCs and Macs and support [email protected] along with audio inputs; BG-CAP-HA being the exception as it receives [email protected] HDR10 while supporting an audio output as well.
A video capture card is an input device for converting video signals to digital data that can be uploaded to the internet. It helps gamers, content creators, video production teams, and anyone capture and save their favorite footage for internet use.
What is a capture card?
A capture card is a small device that enables you to record or stream video and audio from another source. How to use a capture card? A capture card has a side to connect your input and a side for your output. The input ports are for the device that has your original content. The output ports are for the devices you want to send your original content to. For example, if you want to connect an HDMI source to your laptop, a compatible capture card will convert your HDMI input to a USB output so it can be plugged into your laptop.

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