4K UHD 75-ohm Shielded 12G SDI Cable (UHD)

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BZBGEAR SDI cables are made using 75 ohm shielded coaxial cable with high-quality BNC connectors. They are designed to reliably support 12G-SDI cameras and equipment at resolutions up to 4K over distances up to 70m. The cables feature a woven shield to help reject electromagnetic interference and deliver pristine images free from artifacts. They are suitable for both temporary and permanent applications requiring a high-quality SDI connection.


  • Reliable – Designed to handle years of abuse
  • 4K UHD – Transmit signals up to 4K @ 60fps
  • Long Distance – Transmit signals up to 70m
  • Tested – 3Ghz sweep tested to guarantee quality
  • Inexpensive – SDI cables cost a fraction of HDMI cables