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What Is an SDI Splitter and Its Benefits?

Joel R. Cruz • July 12, 2021

The SDI standard continues to evolve with applications such as broadcasting and live events demanding higher bandwidth. SDI, or Serial Digital Interface, is widely adopted by the broadcasting industry and is used to transmit uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals in TV studios and facilities. It’s also a trusted technology for live events for its rugged connector as well as signal distribution lengths. SDI is preferred over HDMI in these situations as BNC connectors interlock for a reliable connection and avoids any chance of loose cables or disconnection.

An SDI Splitter takes an audio/video signal and duplicates (or “splits”) that signal into many. Basically, SDI Splitters distributes AV signals to multiple output displays over great distances with maximum quality and minimal degradation. There are various SDI signals: 3G, 6G, and 12G. These represent the bit rates of video. So 3G means it transfers 3 Gbit/s of video data while 12G transfers 12 Gbit/s. 3G-SDI is good for 1080p signals while 6G- and 12G-SDI are best suited for 4K (4K30 and 4K60, respectively). Along with broadcasting, SDI and SDI Splitters are ideal for studios, houses of worship, shopping centers, sports bars, and live events.



BZBGEAR has a line of SDI Splitters perfect for your applications depending on the number of displays you need to output your AV signal to. We have 1x2 (BG-DA-12GS1X2), 1x4 (BG-DA-12GS1X4), and 1x8 (BG-DA-12GS1X8) versions.








Our BG-DA-12GS series features separately buffered and re-clocked outputs to eliminate jitter and extend transmission distances. They provide automatic input cable equalization up to 180 meters (3G), 100 m (6G), or 70 m (12G). LED indicators show signal lock and current video rate while the interlocked power supply ensures a solid connection every time.

SDI is the modern standard for professional high-definition and ultra-high definition signal delivery. Its ability to transmit high resolution audio and video over long distances while using durable, inexpensive cabling makes it a better choice than HDMI in professional applications.

For more information, contact BZBGEAR at 1.888.499.9906 or email [email protected]. Browse our online catalog for Pro AV and live streaming camera solutions to fit any size application or budget. Make sure to catch the buzz on BZB TV for unboxings, demos, and How To videos. And please show your support by subscribing! We appreciate you and will keep you informed on all the latest AV gear.

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