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Presentation Switchers Bring Your Business Meeting Ideas (and Devices) Together

Joel R. Cruz • January 8, 2022

Presentation switchers enable us to collaborate better than ever! They allow the signal transmission of multiple devices to be viewed on a single display. This is great for environments like companies hosting interactive collaborations and meetings, or during school lectures and presentations. Users can easily share files and ideas from their devices, all while interacting on the same screen when using a presentation switcher. This yields greater results from collaborations and a better use of everyone's time.

One of the reasons a presentation switcher is needed is because many environments are considered “mixed environments.” This means numerous users and a variety of different devices are in place like computers, tablets, smartphones, cameras, LCD displays, and projectors.

All of these devices have different connections, requiring a presentation switcher that differentiates between all the incoming signals and resolutions so it can send out the proper video format to the TV display. BZBGEAR has two great presentation switchers to amplify your collaborations: BG-PSC6x2-4K and BG-PSC7x2.


BG-PSC6X2-4K top view

BG-PSC6X2-4K front view

BG-PSC6X2-4K back view

BG-PSC6x2-4K is a 4K@60Hz presentation switcher and scaler. It's equipped with six inputs: three HDMI, one VGA, one USB-C, and one DisplayPort. It routes any of the six inputs to either (or both) of the two HDMI display outputs.

Switch between sources using multiple forms of control: IR remote, front panel controls, RS-232, or TCP/IP connections. Advanced settings include EDID with the LCD menu display. Input signals can be automatically scaled to various aspect ratios and resolutions from 1024x768 up to 3840x2160@60Hz with its built-in video scaler.

An external audio source can be embedded via the L/R 3.5 mm port or de-embed audio from the source inputs using the digital coax or analog RCA connections. BG-PSC6x2-4K is also equipped with a mic input including phantom power with a 48V optional DIP switch.



BG-PSC7x2 top view

BG-PSC7x2 front view

BG-PSC7x2 back view

BG-PSC7X2 is a multi-function presentation switcher and scaler equipped with seven inputs including four HDMI, one VGA, one composite, and one component. This unit supports input resolutions up to 4K@60 and auto scales to 1080p. The input sources can all be routed to either of the two HDMI display outputs.

Multiple forms of control include IR remote, front panel controls, RS-232, and TCP/IP connections. The front-panel LCD display provides status feedback of information including input-output selection and EDID settings.

Audio embedding from an external audio source is enabled by the L/R 3.5 mm port. Monitoring and external sound systems are enabled by the digital coax and analog outputs.

With rack-mounting ears for easy installation, the BG-PSC7X2 presentation switcher provides many options for commercial environments like conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, and presentation meetings.

We demoed both BG-PSC6x2-4K and BG-PSC7x2 presentation switchers on our YouTube tech channel BZB TV. You can also catch the video below.

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