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What Is HDBaseT and How Does It Work?
August 26, 2021
HDBaseT is a standard for transmitting and receiving audio, video, and control signals over category cabling to remote locations. HDBaseT certified devices must go through a testing process and approved by the HDBaseT Alliance ensuring devices are quality controlled and reliable. How does it all work? HDBaseT switchers incorporate transmitters inside the main unit while […]
How to Create a Stunning Video Wall Using AV over IP
August 19, 2021
A local sports bar wants to replace their old projector and projector screen with a spectacular video wall setup. Let’s see how we accomplish this. The Scenario With their entertainment setup a bit outdated, a sports bar is eager to upgrade to the latest video tech. They envision putting together four TVs, creating one large […]
How to Send an SDI Signal Super Long Distances?
August 11, 2021
A university needs to extend and send an SDI signal from a PTZ camera in the auditorium to their main building half a mile away. Let’s see how we can accomplish this. The Scenario A well-known guest speaker is presenting at a university, but seating is limited. PTZ camera BG-UPTZ-30XHSU has been installed so students […]
PTZ Camera That Advances Any Video Conference Space
July 19, 2021
With normalcy attempting a comeback, employers are welcoming team members back to the office. Though some are keeping their employees remote. Others, simply vowing to use more video conferencing. Those committed to advancing their video conferencing game, meet the PTZ camera perfect for meeting spaces. It’s the BZBGEAR® BG-BPTZ huddle room camera series. BG-BPTZ cameras […]
What Is an SDI Splitter and Its Benefits?
July 12, 2021
The SDI standard continues to evolve with applications such as broadcasting and live events demanding higher bandwidth. SDI, or Serial Digital Interface, is widely adopted by the broadcasting industry and is used to transmit uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals in TV studios and facilities. It’s also a trusted technology for live events for its rugged […]
What Is a Multiviewer and Its Advantages in the AV Industry
June 30, 2021
Multiviewers have become a necessity in today’s AV industry. With the ability to display multiple video sources on a single display monitor, multiviewers have changed the way production and broadcast control rooms are designed and implemented. They may have gotten their start in control rooms along with production switchers, but have evolved helping engineers check […]
What Is AV over IP and the Advantages of an AVoIP System
June 23, 2021
AV over IP, a.k.a. Audiovisual over Internet Protocol, a.k.a. networked AV, is today’s state-of-the-art method of delivering audio and video signals. AVoIP provides the ultimate in scalability and flexibility. As typical matrix switch systems limit you with a fixed number of inputs and outputs, AVoIP growth is managed simply by adding new transmitters, receivers, or […]
BZBGEAR® Auto-Tracking ePTZ Camera MAESTRO Takes the Lead with Instructors
May 20, 2021
Sacramento, CA, May 20, 2021 – BZBGEAR, an audiovisual company producing Pro AV and live streaming camera solutions, introduces an 8MP ePTZ auto-tracking camera: the MAESTRO. This auto-tracking camera is fitted with a 4K Sony® CMOS optical lens delivering 1080p30 resolution, 3x digital zoom, and ePTZ control with no distortion. It provides fast, accurate movement tracking […]
The Best Affordable Video Switcher for Live Streaming 2021
May 18, 2021
Professional video switchers for TV or film cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. For most people and applications, that is way out of their budget and, quite frankly, unnecessary to have all that production power. BZBGEAR has a perfectly balanced option in a video switcher that provides broadcast-quality audio and video, yet is […]
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