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AVIXA: The Worldwide Hub for all things AV

Trevon Martin • July 22, 2022

AVIXA (Audiovideo and integrated experience association) believes AV technology positively changes how people communicate and experience the world. With over 11,400 members, AVIXA is a leader when it comes to professional collaboration, information and community for the AV industry. Those in the AV industry know just how important community is for both businesses and individuals in the profession.

What AVIXA Offers

What does AVIXA offer? AVIXA provides professionals with all of the necessary resources to thrive in the AV industry. Professionals can find access to: AV standards, certifications, training, market intelligence and thought leadership. In general, AVIXA is a place where creators who use technology for integrated experiences can come to find the AV expertise they need. In the tech industry, staying updated with the latest technology is vital for success.

Joining as a Business

When it comes to business, AVIXA can help drive the market for audiovisual solutions. Businesses can also take advantage of the networking opportunities, in depth market research and training/certification assistance. A growing conversation in the AV industry happens to be around the importance of networking and branding. In order for businesses to understand how to effectively market themselves, they have to understand what’s trending within their industry. This is made easy with AVIXA’s market research reports and large network of members to learn from/collaborate with.

Overall, BZBGEAR is a proud member of AVIXA and continues to reap the benefits. To learn more about AVIXA, visit:

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