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BZBGEAR Highlights a Highly Versatile AV over IP system at InfoComm 2022

Trevon Martin • July 15, 2022

In 2022, the innovation of technology has surpassed the expectations of most if not all tech users and professionals. At the InfoComm 2022 event, BZBGEAR highlighted a tech product that is both groundbreaking in the field of pro AV and uplifting for pro AV professionals. This product works to provide professionals with a seamless AVoIP (AV over IP) experience. This AVoIP system is a keystone for providing professional grade digital signage, video walls and video distribution in commercial settings. This system is also TAA compliant, making it attractive for government use.

The AVoIP system consists of BZBGEARs BG-VOP-MT transceiver and it's recommended to also pick up the BG-VOP-CB smart controller. The BG-VOP-MP transceiver requires the BG-VOP-CB smart controller to properly function.

The Transceiver

The BG-VOP-MT transceiver (receiver and transmitter) performs both encoding and decoding for BZBGEARs IPGEAR-4K system. This transceiver offers an outstanding 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) HDMI video transmission over IP and supports power over ethernet (PoE). With the ability to function as a transmitter or a receiver at the flip of a switch, this device is one of the easiest video over IP solutions to implement on the market. The BG-VOP-MT is also HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Content Protection) 2.2 complaint and supports PoE (Power over ethernet), bi-directional IR extension and RS-232 extension.

The Controller

The BG-VOP-CB smart controller is just as important as its transceiver counterpart. This smart controller can auto-discover each BG-VOP-MT transceiver on the network, making for a painless set-up. This feature also makes it easier to add additional BG-VOP-MT transceivers to the network at any time. Furthermore, this function enables users to create a fully customized HDMI matrix switching over IP system. The smart controller can also extend UHD (Ultra High Definition) sources from any HDMI source to any location with a LAN connection.

Regarding audio, audio embedding and de-embedding is also supported for external audio devices.

Overall, this AVoIP system is easy to implement and easy to use. It is even wall mountable for robust installations.

For more information contact BZBGEAR at 1.888.499.9906 or email [email protected]. Browse our online catalog for pro AV and broadcasting camera solutions to fit any size application or budget. Make sure to catch the buzz on BZB TV for unboxings, demos, and How To videos. And please show your support by subscribing! We appreciate you and will keep you informed on all the latest AV gear.

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