Video Converters/Scalers

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Video converters are designed to convert one type of video signal to another. If you have legacy devices only outputting component video but you need to connect it to an HDMI display, a video converter is your answer. Many converters also perform scaling, which is the process of changing the resolution of a video signal to match the display. If you have a 4K video source but need to connect to a 1080p display, scaling would allow this. Video scalers can also be used to fix HDMI compatibility (handshake) issues.

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BZBGEAR Pro AV products and Cameras come with a three-year warranty. An extended two-year warranty is available for our Cameras upon registration for a total of 5 years.

BZBGEAR provides technical support out of Sacramento, CA via phone, email, or chat. Our team provides exceptional assistance on all our products and is knowledgeable on a multitude of brands and models when it comes to compatibility. You will always reach a specialist tuned in to your needs, providing unique solutions for your installation.

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