1080P FHD 75-ohm Shielded SDI Cable

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Introducing BG-CAB-SDI: Your Trustworthy Link for Seamless Video Connectivity

BG-CAB-SDI from BZBGEAR is the ultimate solution to elevate your video transmission experience. These meticulously crafted SDI cables are designed to meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing a seamless and dependable connection that ensures your visuals are transmitted with uncompromising quality.

Features in Depth

Empowering 3G-SDI: Seamlessly supporting 3G-SDI cameras and equipment, BG-CAB-SDI unleashes the true potential of your video devices. Whether you're working with live broadcasts, studio setups, or recording environments, these cables ensure your content remains true to its form.

Full HD Brilliance: With the capacity to handle resolutions up to 1080P, BG-CAB-SDI delivers your visuals in Full HD brilliance. Experience vivid colors, sharp details, and lifelike images that capture every nuance of your content.

Impressive Reach: Don't let distance limit your creativity. BG-CAB-SDI grants you the ability to extend your setup up to 100 meters while maintaining impeccable quality. This flexibility is essential for setups that demand spatial freedom without compromising visual excellence.

Unmatched Durability

Precise Construction: Crafted with precision, BG-CAB-SDI utilizes the industry-standard 75-ohm shielded coaxial cable paired with top-tier BNC connectors. This combination guarantees minimal signal loss, preserving the integrity of your video data from end to end.

Shielding Against Disruption: Thanks to the meticulously designed woven shield, BG-CAB-SDI effectively rejects electromagnetic interference. The result? Pristine images devoid of artifacts, ensuring that your content looks exactly as intended.

Versatile Reliability: Whether you require a dependable connection for a temporary event or a permanent installation, BG-CAB-SDI rises to the occasion. Its durability and steadfast performance make it an ideal choice for various applications where high-quality SDI connections are a must.


  • Reliable
    Designed to handle years of abuse
  • Inexpensive
    SDI cables cost a fraction of HDMI cables
  • BNC Connectors
    High quality connectors ensure a stable signal
  • 1080P HD
    Transmit signals up to 1080P60
  • Long Distance
    Transmit signals up to 100m
  • Tested
    3Ghz sweep tested to guarantee quality
This cable is the ultimate choice for

Live Broadcasts & Studio Setups

  • Full HD video
  • Signal protection
  • Long-range

This SDI cable is ideal for live broadcasting, including sports events, news broadcasts, and entertainment shows. Its 1080P Full HD capability ensures that your audience receives clear and high-quality video signals.

Event Production

  • Long range
  • Signal protection
  • Seamless data transmission

Whether it's a live concert, conference, or any event that requires video projection and transmission, this cable can reliably connect your cameras and equipment to the video processing and projection systems over long distances (up to 100 meters).

Permanent Installations

  • Durability
  • EMI protection
  • BNC connectors

The durable construction of this cable makes it suitable for permanent installations in venues like theaters, auditoriums, and studios. It can withstand years of use and abuse.

Professional Photography

  • Video camera compatibility
  • Full HD video
  • BNC connectors

If you're a professional photographer using high-quality video cameras, this cable can ensure that your captured video content is transmitted flawlessly and retains its original quality.

Video Production Facilities

  • Full HD video
  • EMI protection
  • BNC connectors

This cable is well-suited for use in video production houses and studios where maintaining signal quality is crucial for video editing and post-production work.

Security & Surveillance Systems

  • Durability
  • EMI protection
  • BNC connectors

For security cameras and surveillance systems requiring high-resolution video transmission over long distances, this cable can provide a stable and clear video feed.

AV Installations

  • Durability
  • EMI protection
  • Long-range

For audiovisual installations in corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, or educational institutions, where long-distance video transmission with high quality is needed, this cable can be a reliable choice.

Theatrical Productions

  • Full HD video
  • EMI protection
  • BNC connectors

In the theater industry, where high-definition video is increasingly integrated into productions, this cable can ensure that video content is displayed without any signal degradation.