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No Image over USB

USB video issues are some of the most commonly occurring issues we run into when working with PTZ Cameras.

USB is fairly unreliable beyond distances of 6 feet and becomes prone to hiccups and connection issues. Whenever possible we highly recommend using a cable of 6 feet or less in length.

If you must extend your USB signal you should always use the highest quality cable you can find. We have tested and verified USB cables that are known to work with our cameras over long distances. They are available to purchase through our website. Be sure to consult one of our sales engineers to ensure you select the proper cable for your camera.

If you have no image over USB and are using the correct cable, try plugging into a different USB port on your computer.

Avoid connecting your camera to a USB hub - always connect directly to the computer.

Try to connect your camera to a different USB controller. The amount of bandwidth that USB video consumes can easily exceed the available bandwidth of a USB controller if it is shared with other devices. You can check this in Windows device manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers. If see a USB Root Hub with no connected devices, try different ports until your camera shows up on the unused hub.

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