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How to connect an IP camera to your BG-CJ-IPRSG2 IP joystick controller

In this article we'll go over the steps needed to connect your camera to the joystick controller using the IP VISCA protocol. It is assumed that your camera is connected to your LAN and has an IP address that is compatible with your router's settings. If this has not been done refer to our knowledge base articles on addressing your camera here or here.

  • Connect the joystick to your LAN using an ethernet cable.
  • When the joystick powers on press the [SETUP] button to enter the menu.
  • Using the control stick to navigate, move down to select option 2, IP:DHCP.
  • Press [ENTER] or the button on top of the control stick to select DHCP mode. The controller will reboot and obtain an IP address from your DHCP server.
  • When the controller reboots press the [SETUP] button to enter the menu.
  • Navigate to option 5, Mode:IP VISCA
  • Press [ENTER] or the button on the control stick to set the controller to IP VISCA mode.
  • The joystick should now show it's IP address and VISCA! on the LCD screen.
  • Press the [IP] button to add a camera.
  • Enter your camera's IP address (ex. and press [ENTER] or press the button on the control stick.
  • Enter your camera's IP VISCA port number. This number can be changed from your camera's web interface. The default port for BZBGEAR VPTZ cameras is 52381, for all other BZBGEAR the default port is 1259. Press [ENTER] or press the button on the control stick.
  • Using the number pad enter the desired camera address. Ex. enter [1] for camera 1
  • Repeat this process for any other cameras in your system.

Select the camera for control. This can be accomplished using the [CAM1-4 ] shortcut keys or by pressing [IP] + [camera number] + [ENTER]. Your camera is ready to be controlled.

For specific operating instructions refer to your joystick controller's manual. If your camera does not connect verify that your IP address and VISCA port numbers are correct and retry.

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