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04/02/2023 - 04/04/2023

MIR Tech 2023

MIR TECH is a leading exposition in Italy focused on showcasing the latest audio, video, lighting, and control technologies and services for the music and entertainment industry. At this year's show, BZBGEAR collaborated with ZZiPP Group, its newest partner and distributor in Italy, to display its innovative products.The event was a great success, with visitors from Italy and neighboring regions showing significant interest in BZBGEAR's PTZ cameras and joystick controllers. One of the highlights of the show was the use of BZBGEAR's acclaimed BG-ADAMO camera to film a live performance, which left a lasting impact on attendees.

What did BZBGEAR bring to MIR Tech 2023?

BZBGEAR and ZZiPP collaborated to showcase some of BZBGEAR's most popular PTZ camera models, including the BG-ADAMO and BG-VPTZ. To provide visitors with a hands-on experience, the cameras were displayed alongside BZBGEAR's top joystick controllers, which were connected to a large Hisense display. The booth was a definite attention-grabber, with visitors expressing significant interest in BZBGEAR's products. The interactive display allowed attendees to see firsthand the quality of BZBGEAR's equipment, leaving a lasting impression and further increasing confidence in the company's products across Italy and beyond. All-in-all, BZBGEAR's successful showing at MIR TECH demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in the audio, video, lighting, and control technologies and services for the music and entertainment industries.

More about MIR Tech 2023

MIR Tech Expo (Music Inside Rimini Tech Expo) takes place in the Rimini Expo Center, showcasing the latest and greatest in the professional audio and visual equipment space. The show is full of exhilarating live demonstrations and performances, further captivating the eventgoers and exhibitors.

More about ZZiPP Group

ZZIPP GROUP SpA, formerly known as Monacor Italia, is a company that has been active in the audio/visual industry for over 30 years. Over the years, the company has expanded its operations to cover various market segments. The company's proprietary brand, ZZIPP, was established in 2015 to offer a range of audio, stage, special effects, and lighting products focusing on quality, price, and design. The company has formed partnerships with international companies, which have helped to enhance its position and commercial proposition in recent years. Learn more at
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