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CASE STUDY - Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN)

Proudly partnering to successfully deploy cutting-edge clinical AV solutions for years, BZBGEAR and Vistacom collaborated closely to implement a patient-centric video conferencing and HIPPA compliant monitoring solution, meeting LVHN’s objective to improve patient services for the future.


BZBGEAR and Vistacom were tasked with reforming connectivity for doctors and providers at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) to improve patient care. Because of the ever-evolving challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations, LVHN has been steadfast in its commitment to modernize patient care as an increasingly distributed clinical workforce relies on a diverse set of enhanced connectivity needs.


At the core of the solution for LVHN was integrating reliable and easy-to-use technologies that give doctors the ability to effectively see, hear and interact with patients remotely—as if they were actually bedside. After Vistacom worked with the LVHN team to properly test which BZBGEAR camera suited the application best, the BG-UPTZ-30XHSU Live Streaming PTZ Camera was chosen in hospital-grade white because of its crisp 1080P imaging, simultaneous USB and HDMI streaming video outputs, 30x optical zoom lens and the ability to digitally zoom in up to 10x via the secure, multipoint software conferencing platform, Vidyo.

The system included Vistacom’s integration of the BG-UPTZ camera wall-mounted and centered closely adjacent to the patient beds in each space, connecting to a Biamp Devio digital signal processor and AV conferencing system, which consists of a ceiling-mounted Beamforming microphone, located at the head of the patient bed, and ceiling speakers for each room. Audio and video signals were effectively synced via HDMI to the LG SONIFI display, visualizing the practitioners for the patient to see, in addition to the patient room PC, allowing operation and system control on the LVHN VidyoRoom HD video communication software within the EPIC health management platform.

To fully meet LVHN’s needs, BZBGEAR’s engineers worked with Software Engineers at Vidyo in conjunction with Vistacom and LVHN’s AV support team to give care providers the ability to zoom easily over a USB 3.0 connection while simultaneously streaming over the LAN port using the RTSP Protocol for real-time patient monitoring.Driven to ensure that the LVHN medical personnel were better-equipped with integrated video monitoring and communication systems—and a more practical AV infrastructure overall—engineers and technicians at BZBGEAR, LVHN, Vistacom and Vidyo worked together to make necessary modifications that resulted in “nothing short of a success,” said Rich Mullen, Senior Account Manager with Vistacom. “The teamwork was superb, and LVHN will now have hospital-grade technology that provides high-definition over-watch with detailed patient inspection capability, upholding patient care and safety as the highest priority while also contemporizing clinical operations.”


Not only were camera firmware and AV system hardware design changes performed skillfully and successfully to provide greater functionality and HD imaging for LVHN staff, but also, in the end, BZBGEAR and Vistacom created a technology roadmap to continue delivering remote patient care and monitoring where and when needed—with more installations planned across many LVHN campuses for years to come.

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The BG-UPTZ utilizes a 1/2.8” Sony CMOS sensor to capture images in resolutions as high as 1080p@60Hz. With 12X, 20X, and 30X zoom options, it’s an able performer in any size venue. The simultaneous HDMI, 3G-SDI, and USB 3.0 outputs ensure the BG-UPTZ can be integrated into any workflow.

Supporting ONVIF, RTSP, and RTMP video protocols, the BG-UPTZ is compatible with most video production software and is able to stream directly to streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. A 3.5mm input jack allows external microphones and audio systems to be embedded into the video stream.

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