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What Is AV over IP and the Advantages of an AVoIP System

Joel R. Cruz • June 23, 2021

AV over IP, a.k.a. Audiovisual over Internet Protocol, a.k.a. networked AV, is today’s state-of-the-art method of delivering audio and video signals. AVoIP provides the ultimate in scalability and flexibility. As typical matrix switch systems limit you with a fixed number of inputs and outputs, AVoIP growth is managed simply by adding new transmitters, receivers, or IP switches as needed; it is all just networking. Countless devices can now share the network, expanding into new spaces far easier while being less costly.

Of AVoIP’s many benefits, the most notable is the elimination of older, expensive video cabling and the costs to install and extend said cabling long distances to reach equipment and displays. While AVoIP also requires cabling, it only needs a single category (CAT) cable to send and receive signals 328 feet (100 meters). This inexpensive CAT cable also powers up the devices, making it ultra convenient and effective to run these cables.

For a rundown on what AV over IP is and its advantages, check out our following video.



BZBGEAR is proud to introduce our revolutionary AVoIP system consisting of two units: a multicast transceiver (BG-VOP-MT) and a smart controller (BG-VOP-CB). The BG-VOP-MT is a 4K UHD HDMI over IP Multicast Transceiver with Video Wall & PoE support. Individually sold, a unique feature of the BG-VOP-MT is each transceiver can be changed between a transmitter and receiver simply by flipping a switch. With only a single part number to remember for transmitting, receiving, and processing, ordering and installation are now greatly simplified.

This scalable system allows building out custom HDMI matrix switching over IP. The BG-VOP-MT transmits UHD 4K@30 signals to 396 feet (120 meters) and features audio embedding and de-embedding for connecting external audio devices. The integrated USB 2.0 port provides KVM extension. BG-VOP-MT is HDCP compliant and supports PoE, IR, and RS-232 with the ability to extend IR and RS-232.

BZBGEAR BG-VOP-MT transceiver

BG-VOP-MT is a total UHD video broadcasting solution for video walls and digital signage. With broadcasting management software and a Gigabit Ethernet network switch supporting IGMP, it can transmit UHD HDMI video broadcasting over IP network. The broadcasting format can be Multi-Casting, Point to Point, or Point to Many; this means you can broadcast a single HDMI source to theoretically an infinite number of displays simultaneously, even creating custom video wall layouts. The BG-VOP-MT creates a max combination 5x5 video wall and any combination layout up to a 5x5, all with full display rotation.

BZBGEAR BG-VOP-CB smart controller

The BG-VOP-CB Smart Controller provides central management and real-time monitoring over the BG-VOP-MT transceiver. With high scalability, a single BG-VOP-CB serves up to 1024 transceivers at once.

BG-CONTROL-AVoIP, our free intuitive web based GUI, enables users to drag and drop any source to any display, build video wall combinations, create custom OSD, and schedule video and power operations. This user-friendly software program saves time and money by eliminating the need for a third party control system. The BG-VOP-CB provides continuous system monitoring and self recovery along with real time event alerts and notifications. Users can remotely access and activate the system from mobile devices via cooperate network connections.


The BZBGEAR AVoIP system conveniently incorporates into your existing internet infrastructure, making a move to AV over IP as seamless as possible. Our AVoIP system is fully TAA compliant and can be utilized for government projects. While everyone is raising their prices for AVoIP systems, BZBGEAR is staying consistent with ours. Prepare for today and future proof yourself by integrating our BZBGEAR AVoIP system into your next project.


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