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Consider a company entering the pro AV - broadcasting scenes for only a few years and, since, joining the forefront in 8K video distribution and AI integration for PTZ cameras. The company? Yes, us!

Our groundbreaking solutions and reliable support have been recognized since our inception and in 2023 continued to make waves—bumping our award count to an astounding 18!

In our yearly recap, we’ll delve into product and software developments, the journey of how we’ve expanded globally, and our internal company growth.

Thanks for taking this ride with us!


How BZBGEAR Became an 8K Pioneer in Just One Month

Imagine starting the new year with one of your greatest milestones. The launch of our new 8K video distribution line debuted at ISE 2023 in Barcelona back in January and it certainly took off with attendees. The overwhelmingly positive feedback received at ISE was notable—as was our BG-8K-88MA. This 8x8 8K matrix switcher was recognized with the Top New Technology Award by Commercial Integrator and CEPro. This would jump start our 8K expedition for the remainder of the year.

The award quickly drew attention to the rest of our 8K products—all supporting 8K@60Hz as well as 4K@120Hz. Our 8K single cable switchers, the BG-8K-HS series, includes 2x1 and 4x1 switchers that revolutionize switching between HDMI 2.1 sources on a single display.

For those seeking greater freedom and flexibility in source routing, our 8K matrix switchers enable users to route multiple sources to multiple displays, making them ideal for home entertainment applications, sports bars, and especially esports, given their support for 4K@120Hz and HDMI 2.1 exclusive features like Variable Refresh Rate. Our 8K matrix switcher series supports a variety of configurations: 2x2, 4x2, 4x4, and 8x8.

If the goal is to split an HDMI 2.1 signal into two or four different displays, our BG-8K-DA series does the trick.

To provide comprehensive support for our 8K adopters, we’ve released two robust HDMI 2.1 cables—one copper-based and the other an active optic cable. For small- to medium-scale applications, the copper-based BG-CAB-H21C offers seamless transmission of an HDMI 2.1 signal up to 5 meters (16.5 feet). While for those with larger applications, the BG-CAB-H21A active optical cable provides an HDMI 2.1 connection up to 100 m (328 ft).

Ask and You Shall Receive

Another significant release in Q1 of 2023 was the BG-ADAMO-JR, a 1080p AI auto-tracking PTZ camera. This camera is the younger sibling of the acclaimed BG-ADAMO-4K. The creation of BG-ADAMO-JR was driven by requests from those not needing 4K resolutions and who sought a more budget-friendly alternative. The BG-ADAMO-JR boasts all the same features as the award-winning BG-ADAMO-4K—even offering the same Dante AV-H and NDI|HX 3 options—with the primary distinction being the maximum resolution.

The camera's debut at ISE 2023 was well received, earning it the Best of Show award from Tech and Learning magazine.

Entering the World of Healthcare Technology

To close out the first quarter of the year on a high note, BZBGEAR made its debut in the healthcare technology trade show arena with a two-day exhibition at the American Telemedicine Association in Sacramento, CA. ATA2023 exclusively focused on telehealth and virtual care. The event was of great significance offering valuable feedback on the further enhancement of our inpatient and outpatient monitoring solutions. The insights we gained from this event played a pivotal role in the development of our groundbreaking medical-grade PTZ camera, the BG-NUTRIX, which we will dive into later in this article. 


Crestron Control Drivers Implementation

In the first quarter of 2023, BZBGEAR initiated the integration of Crestron Control Drivers into a selection of products, which notably includes the BG-ADAMO PTZ camera series. Crestron stands as a leading manufacturer of audiovisual control systems, designed to automate and enhance the operation of AV equipment across various settings like conference rooms and auditoriums.

These control systems comprise three essential components: a central processor, a user interface, and an array of AV devices. The processor serves as the system's central controller, responsible for managing all connected AV equipment. Users engage with the system via a range of user interfaces, which encompass touchscreens, remotes, keypads, and mobile apps. These interfaces transmit commands to the processor, which subsequently directs the AV devices to execute specific actions, such as initiating a video conference or adjusting equipment settings.


Barco Clickshare Alliance Partnership

Our strategic partnership with the Barco Clickshare Alliance has broadened the horizons of how users can integrate our USB cameras into USB-friendly environments like conference rooms and classrooms. ClickShare Conference, a technology-agnostic, wireless room system, simplifies the experience. As you step into the room, ClickShare promptly acknowledges your presence and seamlessly links your laptop to the room's display, cameras, speakerphones, and sound bars. With a single click, you can initiate a wireless video meeting from your laptop, screen share, or utilize your preferred UC&C solution, all while having the flexibility to switch platforms swiftly. No need for cables, no clutter, and no time wasted.


Vidyo Partnership: Enhancing Telehealth Video Conferencing

VidyoHealth is a versatile solution specifically designed for Telehealth Video Conferencing. It is tailored to seamlessly integrate with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, medical devices, and even software endpoints that run standard off-the-shelf software. BZBGEAR has partnered with Vidyo's engineers to certify our products, such as the BG-UPTZ-30XHSU, ensuring compatibility with UVC commands and other essential operations.

Fresh 4K UHD Products Released

The BZBGEAR team unveiled some exciting new additions to our 4K UHD pro AV lineup during Q2. The most notable is the BG-4K-VP and BG-4K-VPPRO series. The BG-4K-VP series is a 4K UHD all-in-one matrix switcher, video wall processor, and multiviewer that includes 4x4 and 8x8 models. The BG-4K-VPPRO series is similar to the BG-4K-VP but also supports HDMI signal extension via category cables. The BG-4K-VPPRO series comes in 4x4 and 9x9 models. Nicknamed the "Swiss Army Knife of AV Distribution," these units provide significant flexibility for users and integrators.

On a more professional note, the IPGEAR-PRO AV over IP system also made waves in Q2. Audio and video over IP systems are in high demand as IT and AV integration advances. The IPGEAR-PRO AVoIP system seamlessly transmits 4K@60Hz signals over existing network infrastructures and is software-controllable, offering even more flexibility for users.

Designed primarily for commercial applications, our 2x1, 4x1, and 4x2 4K UHD multiviewers gained attention from the business sector. These units deliver stunning 4K@60Hz video quality in multiview mode.


A Testament To Hard Work and Success

Looking at the second quarter of the year, it's important to highlight our remarkable presence at ten trade shows between April and June. What's more impressive? This lineup included both international and domestic trade shows, each catering to different industries like event technology, churches, healthcare, broadcasting, professional AV, and systems integration.

We not only exhibited at these trade shows, but also clinched six awards for our outstanding products and services. At InfoComm 2023, we secured several prestigious awards including Best of Show from Tech & Learning magazine for our BG-Commander-Jr serial/IP PTZ joystick controller. We were also awarded Best of Show by Sound and Video Contractor magazine for our BG-4K-VP88 8x8 all-in-one 4K matrix switcher. The BG-4K-VP99PRO (9x9 all-in-one 4K matrix switcher) also received an award from Commercial Integrator for best matrix switcher.

We can’t forget fan-favorite BG-ADAMO-4K. This AI auto-tracking PTZ camera was honored with the Most Innovative Streaming Product by Systems Contractor News for the Installation Product Awards. It was also crowned Best of Show at NAB Show 2023 by Sound and Video Contractor.

Topping it all off, BZBGEAR proudly earned Best Supporting Content by the readers of Systems Contractor News for our Technical Support Knowledge Base webpage. Our technical support knowledge base is a one-stop source for all your support needs. Content is constantly added to educate visitors on BZBGEAR products and how to utilize them most effectively.


Initiating Global Expansion

In light of our remarkable success, BZBGEAR has forged numerous strategic partnerships to extend our reach worldwide. First is our collaboration with Cabletronic, enhancing BZBGEAR offerings for customers in Sweden and neighboring regions. This partnership ensures customers in these areas can seamlessly integrate our products with Cabletronic's services, providing a reliable and cohesive experience.

We’ve expanded our presence in China through a partnership with Amazing Tech Co., a leading technology company in Shenzhen. Amazing Tech specializes in distributing pro AV software and hardware solutions.

In Korea, we’ve joined forces with Kinoton Korea, a well-respected distributor of professional audiovisual and cinema solutions, to broaden our product portfolios and services for customers in East Asia and nearby regions.

Although our partnership with ZZiPP Group was officially established in the second quarter, the connection between ZZiPP Group and BZBGEAR was solidified during the MIR Tech trade show in Italy. This collaboration is aimed at delivering pro AV and broadcasting solutions to customers in Italy and its surrounding regions, leveraging ZZiPP's expertise in the AV industry and BZBGEAR's innovative solutions.

This extensive expansion effort represents a significant achievement, allowing us to offer our solutions in four different regions, ensuring that customers worldwide can readily access BZBGEAR products. 


Quarter three was a bustling period for BZBGEAR, encompassing exhibitions across the United States and participation in the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, Netherlands. BZBGEAR piqued the interest of various markets, spanning broadcasting, television, residential, and commercial sectors, both nationally and internationally. 

B&H Bild Expo

The inaugural Bild Expo stands as a unique event celebrating the realms of photo, video, and audio creativity. Bild, a Yiddish term for “image,” reflects B&H's 50-year commitment to fostering visual and auditory artistry. BZBGEAR received an invitation to present innovative video and audio solutions that have elevated the creative endeavors of professionals and content creators worldwide.


Exploring 8K with 8K Association at CEDIA/Commercial Integrator Expo

The 8K Association extended an invitation to BZBGEAR at the CEDIA Expo, a premier event in the home technology sphere, to underscore the significance of 8K video distribution in residential spaces. The team also showcased our new 8K test pattern generator, earning acclaim as the best in-field integrator product by rAVe Agency and Commercial Integrator. The CEDIA event proved to be a resounding success, further solidifying BZBGEAR's leadership in 8K video distribution and testing.


More About 8K Association 

The 8K Association, established in 2019, is a non-profit consortium comprising leading companies such as Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, Hisense, and TCL. The organization's primary mission is to propel the growth and widespread acceptance of 8K technology. To achieve this, it sets forth industry standards and specifications for 8K displays, TVs, and associated equipment, encompassing aspects like resolution, color accuracy, high dynamic range (HDR) guidelines, and other crucial elements of 8K technology.

In addition to its role in standardization, the association actively promotes awareness of 8K technology, emphasizing its advantages to consumers, content creators, and industry stakeholders. This involves fostering the creation of 8K content, offering educational resources and training on 8K technology, and serving as a hub for collaboration and innovation within the 8K domain.

To ensure users experience the highest quality 8K products available, BZBGEAR commits to the association's rigorous standards in all of its 8K video distribution equipment and HDMI cables. This dedication guarantees customers receive only top-tier 8K products from BZBGEAR.


International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The IBC 2023 event was a standout for BZBGEAR, marking its return since 2022 as a previous Best of IBC award winner. With the aim of leaving a lasting impression, the team showcased a variety of new and popular products. These offerings included the all-new 1080p and 4K 4-channel video production switchers (BG-QuadFusion-JR and BG-QuadFusion-4K, respectively), as well as the innovative 4K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz HDMI to USB-C capture cards (BG-4KCHA and BG-4K120CHA, respectively).

To demonstrate efficient PTZ camera control, we showcased our BG-Commander-Jr and BG-Commander-Pro IP/serial joystick controllers. On the more technical side, we introduced the 12G-SDI test pattern generator, known as the BG-12GCSA. These offerings quickly found resonance within the broadcasting, television, and media communities.


Winning Best of Show at IBC Amsterdam

This year, BZBGEAR clinched the coveted Best of IBC 2023 award from TV Tech for our BG-Commander-Pro. This accolade recognized BZBGEAR's unwavering dedication to innovation, exceptional feature sets, cost efficiency, and stellar performance within the media and entertainment industry.

The BG-Commander-Pro is an IP/Serial PTZ Joystick Controller boasting a 7" touchscreen and the capability to accommodate up to 2048 devices. With its user-friendly interface, Android 11 OS, and seamless PTZ control, it serves as an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.


New Products Released in Q3: Simple Yet Innovative

In Q3, BZBGEAR introduced two distinct series of products, both characterized by their simplicity and innovation. The BG-4KCHA and BG-4K120CHA are video capture devices capable of 4K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz, respectively, featuring easily accessible audio control knobs located on the front of the devices. These capture devices have diverse applications, with the higher refresh rates being particularly advantageous in fields such as medical imaging and esports, where smooth video processing with minimal screen tearing or stuttering is essential. Conversely, the BG-4KCHA capture device proves to be an excellent choice for video projects and live streaming.

The other series introduced this quarter delves into the realm of audio, offering remarkably clear sound quality. The BG-OMNITALK and BG-OMNITALK-PRO are Bluetooth desktop speakerphones equipped with 360-degree audio pickup. Whether you opt for the 16 ft pickup range of the BG-OMNITALK or the 20 ft pickup range of the BG-OMNITALK-PRO, you can expect exceptional audio quality, extended battery life, and straightforward plug-and-play functionality.


The Grand Website Revamp

BZBGEAR has invested substantial efforts in creating a more user-friendly website, and the results are already evident. We've updated the entire website to enhance the user experience and make valuable resources easily accessible. Despite having an award-winning technical support resource center, we recognized the need for further improvements to help our website visitors find precisely what they need, exactly when they need it.


Introducing the Configurator

One of the essential tools BZBGEAR now offers is the Solutions Configurator. How does it work? If you want to configure your solution without direct assistance from a team representative, simply open the configurator and answer a series of questions about your environment and requirements. The configurator will then provide you with a curated list of BZBGEAR products perfectly suited for your project or application.


Effortless Access to Pre-Configured Solutions

Would you like to explore ideal solutions for your project without going through the configuration process? You can access the Solutions tab on our website, offering a variety of pre-configured bundles accompanied by comprehensive information and resources to bolster your decision-making confidence.


Enhanced Accessibility to Individual Product Resources

We understand the importance of having a diverse range of resources readily available when making substantial purchases. On each product page, you will find product videos, diagrams, specifications, manuals, and brochures. This ensures you have all the necessary information at your fingertips to make an informed decision.


An Improved Live Chat Experience

We never underestimate the value of a high-quality live chat option. Many have enjoyed our live chat feature in the past, and we've made it even better. You can now expect faster response times and an overall more user-friendly experience. Just a side note: our live chat operators are 100% human!


Essential vs Pro Product Lines: What’s the difference?

BZBGEAR now offers two distinct product lines catering to a wide range of customers. The Essential Gear Line is designed to appeal to a broad consumer base, including budding creators, fitness instructors, hobbyists, gamers, medical professionals, and educators. This line prioritizes simplicity, affordability, and ease of use to enhance everyday moments without burdening users with premium price tags. The products in this line are user-friendly and require no extensive manuals, ensuring a seamless user experience. BZBGEAR also provides tech support for customers who may need assistance.

On the other hand, the Pro Gear Line is tailored for advanced users, professionals, and those with large-scale AV setups. This line features AVoIP systems, switchers, multiviewers, and video wall solutions designed for complex configurations and expansive networks. It's ideal for applications such as commercial video walls, multiview setups, video distribution systems, and multi-PTZ camera setups. The fundamental premise of the Pro Gear Line is integration, where devices and systems seamlessly work together to create cohesive, mesmerizing arrangements. BZBGEAR's dedicated tech support team ensures the flawless execution of these advanced configurations.



Closing Q4 on a High Note

BZBGEAR is delighted to announce three distinct products have recently been nominated as finalists for the prestigious AV Awards and Inavation Awards. These two awards are among the most well-known events for recognizing groundbreaking technological developments in the pro AV industry.


AV Awards 2023 Finalist – Processing and Distribution Technology of the Year

Our groundbreaking BG-4K-VP44 has been selected as a finalist for AV Magazine's prestigious AV Awards 2023. This innovative device, a 4K UHD all-in-one matrix switcher, video wall processor, and multiviewer, is in the running for the Processing and Distribution Technology of the Year award. The BG-4K-VP44 not only streamlines video distribution with uncompromised quality but also contributes to sustainability by minimizing environmental impact through its all-in-one design.


2024 Inavation Awards Technology Finalist – Content, Streaming & Broadcast (ISE 2024)

Our BG-ADAMO-JR AI auto-tracking PTZ camera has been named a technology finalist in the 2024 Innovation Awards for Content, Streaming, and Broadcast at ISE 2024. This high-performance camera offers 1080p@60Hz video quality and versatile connectivity options including HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB 2.0/3.0, and LAN. It features LED tally lights, a microSDXC card writer with 1 TB capacity and Power over Ethernet (PoE). You can control the BG-ADAMO-JR using RS-232, RS-422, web GUI, an IR remote, or our free control app, BG-PTZ-Control, which is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The camera also offers three lens options (12x, 20x, 30x optical zooms), smooth PTZ functions, and advanced image processing. It’s also available with NDI|X 3 and Dante AV-H for network-based production.


2024 Inavation Awards Technology Finalist - Audio (ISE 2024)

Our BG-A1616MD 16x16 audio matrix DSP processor has been selected as a technology finalist in the 2024 Inavation Awards for Audio (non-loudspeakers). The BG-A1616MD Digital Audio Processor is a versatile solution crafted for applications such as video conferences, distance learning, and telemedicine. It boasts 12 balanced/unbalanced MIC/linear inputs and 12 balanced/unbalanced linear outputs, complemented by four Dante ports for low-latency audio processing.

This processor is equipped with advanced audio processing features, including full-band Adaptive Echo Cancellation, Adaptive Noise Suppression, and Automatic Gain Control, guaranteeing exceptional audio quality. It facilitates the fine-tuning of audio signals through various DSP modules, offers flexible connectivity options, and delivers advanced control capabilities via RS-232 serial command control. These attributes make it an ideal choice for seamless and high-quality audio management in professional settings.


Growth from Within: Enhancing Products and Services

In 2023, the BZBGEAR team took significant steps to enhance the quality of the customer and partner experience. We believe this can be achieved by offering products aligned with the current technology trends, providing a more relevant user-friendly experience, and ultimately increasing overall customer service and satisfaction.


Smarter Software for Your Hardware

By incorporating additional software engineers onto our team, BZBGEAR successfully revitalized the BG-CONTROL PTZ camera control software, which is compatible with a range of our PTZ cameras. This intuitive software application is available on Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Users with compatible PTZ cameras can now control their PTZ functions and image settings using their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

For more advanced control of matrix switchers and AVoIP systems, BZBGEAR introduces the BG-SWITCH-CONTROL app. This software application is designed for compatible BZBGEAR matrix switchers and AVoIP systems, eliminating the need for additional software. If you possess a compatible matrix switcher, you can easily drag and drop sources onto your displays and manage image settings  all from a Mac, iOS, Android, or Windows device. If you own an AVoIP kit, this same software application can be utilized to manage network settings, configure video walls, and adjust image settings, among other features.


Taking Telehealth to the Next Level with the BG-NUTRIX Management Software

The BG-NUTRIX medical-grade PTZ camera, equipped with AI auto tracking, night vision, and two-way audio, is a powerful tool for inpatient and outpatient monitoring and recording. We have developed a comprehensive management and control software allowing medical professionals not only to take full control of their camera's video and audio settings and PTZ functions, but also to access patient data using the same software simultaneously. This streamlines the entire patient monitoring and virtual consultation process.


Elgato StreamDeck Plugin Updated

StreamDeck is an indispensable tool for content creators, streamers, and others who need to streamline control and manage settings. Select BZBGEAR cameras now support StreamDeck, allowing users to control PTZ functions and manage other settings from their StreamDeck devices. We updated our StreamDeck plugin to the latest version, enabling users to manage BZBGEAR cameras with the most up-to-date StreamDeck devices.


Improving and Enriching Customer Service

At BZBGEAR, we firmly believe the key to a successful business lies in the quality of its customer service. As we continue to expand our operations, we know our valued customers and partners expect nothing less than exceptional service, or perhaps even more. In 2023, BZBGEAR devoted substantial efforts to improving resource accessibility and strengthening our customer service team, thereby enhancing our responsiveness to better serve you.


Cultivating Digital Presence: The Rise of BZBGEAR in the Online Realm

BZBGEAR, once an up-and-coming AV manufacturer, has now achieved recognition as one of the industry's most engaging and impactful social media players. The unexpected growth and development of BZBGEAR's online presence this year amazed many. The BZBGEAR team invested considerable efforts in building authentic relationships with the tech community, and their efforts did not go unnoticed. They didn't just become more active, they adopted a proactive approach, offering more educational content and engaging discussions on intriguing topics. We genuinely enjoy interacting with our followers and fans.


Embracing Educational Content

We’re always receiving praise regarding the usefulness of our BZB TV videos to our customers. We listened to this feedback and seized the opportunity to enhance our future content, continuing to provide valuable educational resources on various technologies and product categories. Tune in to our YouTube tech channel, BZB TV, to see our latest work!


Independent Perspectives Matter

We acknowledge that, at times, you want to hear from a third party before making a decision. In line with this, we have increased our investments in third-party product testing to offer customers unbiased information. This initiative also allows customers to witness our products in diverse environments, offering a better understanding of how our products can be applied to their projects.


Stay Informed with Our Long-Format Webinars

Change is a constant, making it easy to lose track of the extensive offerings we have. Watch our webinars to catch up on the latest products, solutions, and recommendations. These webinars are readily available on BZB TV.


New Product Released in Q4: A Step Towards Consumer Tech Offerings

An exciting release in Q4 was the BG-Air4Kast wireless HDMI extender. This straightforward transmitter/receiver kit transmits 4K@60Hz signals up to 50 meters, with 5G support to eliminate wireless interference. This unit has been designed to meet the needs of residential AV applications, offering easy installation and reset options for consumers with limited technical experience.


D-Tools Partnership: System Integration Simplified

Our partnership with D-Tools, Inc. promises to streamline system design and project management for integrators, partners, and end-users seeking to integrate BZBGEAR into their projects.

D-Tools, Inc. stands as the foremost industry leader in user-friendly and highly accurate core business software tailored for low-voltage system integration firms. Since its inception in 1998, D-Tools has remained at the forefront of pioneering data-driven solutions for proposal generation, system design, and field service management, amassing over 25 years of experience in the field. Demonstrating unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence, D-Tools consistently equips integrators with the necessary tools to thrive in this competitive industry. 


Onwards to 2024

BZBGEAR's journey is a remarkable tale of relentless growth, conquering fresh markets, venturing into new territories, and embracing cutting-edge technology. As we bid farewell to this year, we stand witness to BZBGEAR's incredible internal transformation and industry-wide impact. Brace yourselves, because, in the year 2024, the BZBGEAR saga promises to reach new heights, leaving us all eagerly anticipating the next exhilarating chapter in BZBGEAR’s extraordinary success story.


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