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Have you ever heard of the streaming and production software, vMix? vMix allows users to create professional quality productions on their own devices. The vMix software gives users the power to add multiple cameras, videos, NDI sources, audio sources, web streams and PowerPoints. Furthermore, users will be able to display, record and livestream their productions at the same time. This software provides solutions for a variety of industries; but the two we want to talk about are gaming and podcasting!


The gaming industry is growing rapidly, especially when it comes to live streaming! vMix integrates directly to twitch, so users will be able to stream their gaming sessions very easily. For larger gaming events, users will also be able to livestream their vMix productions to larger screens. This makes for an exciting gaming event that will turn an audience into a fanbase.

The perfect webcam for personal gaming streams is the BG-EPTZ-UH4K 4K webcam by BZBGEAR. This webcam is equipped with 4K ultra-HD resolution capabilities and an omni-directional integrated microphone for audio. To fit right into a streaming set-up, this camera can be mounted to a desktop, monitor, tripod, or bracket. This is an ePTZ (electronic pan, tilt and zoom) camera, so users can take advantage of the IR remote control. This gives users the power to change the focus of their streams at will, in real time.


To create the ultimate podcast productions, all users will need is the vMix software, a webcam, and an internet connection! Users will be able to add all the necessary elements to ensure that their production quality matches their amazing content. It is easy to add lower thirds, intro videos, interviews, images, gifs, audio and much more. Not only are users able to choose any streaming channel that they want, vMix users can also stream to three locations! That way, if 30% of their audience is on YouTube but they are streaming on Twitch, they can make sure they reach 100% of their audience by adding their stream to YouTube.

An important ingredient of business growth is branding. vMix allows its users to create a basic production template that they can use anytime they need. This way, they can easily stay consistent and on brand. Having basic production templates is also key if users are growing their production team.

The most important aspect of a brand is their audience! By using vMix Social, users can have live interactions through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All they will have to do is set up a hashtag and away they go! vMix users can even stream to Facebook and then bring in real time live comments on the live video! This feature is a game changer for those with strong fanbases.

Overall, we were glad we ran into our partner vMix at the NAB show. We just want to highlight their amazing services as well as discuss two rapidly growing sectors of AV solutions. Thank you for reading, for more information on vMix, visit: To learn more about BZBGEAR, visit:

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