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Whether it be for professional presentation spaces, classy conference rooms or brilliant live broadcasting set ups, the BG-UHD-QVP-4x2 is the video processor for the job. At the 2022 InfoComm event in Las Vegas, Nevada, BZBGEARs Western regional Sales Manager Matthew Allison highlighted the simplicity of this 4k/UHD 4x2 seamless multiviewer/presentation switcher.

With four HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs supporting 4K2K @ 60Hz 4:4:4 chroma resolution, this device allows users to quickly transition between sources using transitions like dissolve, fade, and wipe with no signal interruption. With its high resolution and low video noise, not only is this device great for sharing content in conference rooms and lecture halls, the USB 3.0 output makes it perfect for sharing content with conferencing software like Zoom, Google Meet, OBS Studio, vMIX as well as Skype. Impressing potential clients and business partners just got a lot easier.

Controlling this device is also remarkably simple. With the included control software, users can choose custom layouts, backgrounds, and logos. This software will also allow users to select sources for each window, manage output resolutions and network settings. To make things even more simple, advanced EDID settings are also available to streamline the installation process. EDID (extended display identification) is a display communicating its capabilities to a source device. For example, a display can tell the source that its resolution is 4K2K @ 60Hz. In turn, the source will be able to generate the necessary video characteristics to be compatible with the needs of the display. With advanced EDID, users can relax knowing that their devices can communicate their needs effectively.

The BG-UHD-QVP-4x2 supports a list of other control options including front panel buttons, the IR remote control, control software with RS-232 or ethernet connection. Through these control methods, the user can freely transition between sources using various transitions.

Overall, the BG-UHD-QVP-4x2 seamless multiviewer/presentation switcher is quick to set up and easy to use. A big thank you to InfoComm 2022 for hosting BZBGEAR. As always, a warm thank you to BZBGEAR supporters!

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