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Lights, camera, worship! Your church productions deserve the very best, and that's where the BG-MFVS61-G2 video switcher shines. Get ready to take your worship services to new heights with this remarkable piece of technology. Here's why the BG-MFVS61-G2 is the ultimate game-changer for your church:

Unleash the Power of Connectivity: Say goodbye to limitations! This switcher is a connectivity wizard, offering a wide array of input and output options. With four 3G-SDI inputs, two HDMI inputs, four 3G-SDI outputs, two HDMI outputs, and one USB-C output, you'll effortlessly integrate all your audiovisual equipment, creating a seamless production environment.

Immerse Your Congregation in Stunning Clarity: Let your visuals sparkle with brilliance! The BG-MFVS61-G2 supports resolutions up to 1080p at 60Hz, ensuring that every scripture verse, song lyric, and sermon slide is displayed in crystal-clear quality. Prepare to captivate your congregation with visuals that leap off the screen and touch their hearts.

See It All with Multiview Magic: Be in control like never before! This switcher features two multiview outputs, one SDI and one HDMI. Now you can effortlessly monitor multiple video sources simultaneously. Picture this: you'll effortlessly manage camera angles, pre-recorded content, and dazzling visual effects, all while orchestrating an unforgettable production.

Let Your Sound Soar to New Heights: Audio, meet perfection! With the integrated audio mixer, you'll have the power to de-embed audio from all inputs and mix it seamlessly with the 3.5mm and RCA analog inputs. Say goodbye to audio troubles and hello to harmonious sound. Ensure that every word spoken and every note sung is in perfect sync with the captivating visuals.

Seamless Transitions, Stunning Effects: Lights, camera, action! The BG-MFVS61-G2 offers a world of transition options. From T-Bar to Auto and Cut controls, you'll effortlessly create smooth and professional transitions between video sources. Take your production to the next level and leave your congregation in awe as scenes effortlessly blend together. And let's not forget the Picture-in-Picture mode—resize and reposition your PIP window with ease, adding that extra touch of magic to your visuals.

Simplicity Meets Portability: No stress, only success! Designed with a user-friendly control layout, the BG-MFVS61-G2 welcomes experienced operators and novices alike. Even if your team has varying technical expertise, everyone will feel like a pro. Plus, its compact and lightweight design ensures easy transport and setup. Take it to different church events or create stunning productions on the go!

Reach New Heights with live streaming and Recording: Expand your horizons! The USB-C output allows you to effortlessly connect to a computer, opening doors to recording and live streaming your program output. Share the power of your worship services with a broader audience, whether it's through YouTube, Facebook, or your own website. Embrace the digital age and touch lives far beyond the walls of your church.

Elevate Your Worship Experience: The BG-MFVS61-G2 video switcher is the ultimate tool for your church productions. It's a complete solution that offers versatile connectivity, breathtaking high-resolution support, flawless audio integration, intuitive controls, and unmatched portability. Prepare to enhance your worship experience, captivate your congregation, and engage with a wider audience. Your church productions will never be the same again. Lights, camera, worship!

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