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Live streams can be produced with a single camera or multiple cameras, the latter providing different angles. When you begin working with two or more cameras, it’s a good idea to get the help of a video switch.

A video switch, or video mixer, brings in multiple audio/video feeds (e.g., PTZ cameras, presentation slides) and selects which feed to send live at any given time. Video switches also have the cool ability to add production elements to your broadcast.


HDMI and SDI Video Switchers




BZBGEAR has a couple great options: a 4-channel HDMI switch and a 6-channel HDMI/SDI switch.

BG-HDVS42U video switch front

The BG-HDVS42U is a compact HDMI video switch with four HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs (PGM, multiview) and a USB-C output (for capturing/streaming on PC or Mac).

BG-HDVS42U video switch ports

It sports features such as audio mixing, video switching, USK/DSK, PGS/Multiview, and PIP/POP.

Those cool production elements we spoke of earlier, are present here. Transition options (T-bar, Cut, Auto) and effects (Mix, Dip, Wipe) keep your broadcast running smooth while HDMI embedded audio and two microphone inputs allow for audio mixing. The BG-HDVS42U comes with customized control software that’s accessed through the LAN port.

Check out the video above or click here for a demo of the BG-HDVS42U.




For a more robust yet still compact video switch, the BG-MFVS61-G2 has four SDI and two HDMI inputs providing flexibility for virtually any video source needing connection. An integrated scaler ensures reliable 1080p output regardless of the input.

BG-MFVS61-G2 video switch front

Along with an integrated capture card, the BG-MFVS61-G2 includes an audio mixer for 3.5 mm or RCA external outputs with 6 channels of embedded audio, so no additional equipment is needed.

BG-MFVS61-G2 video switch ports

It includes many of the same production elements as the BG-HDVS42U like PIP, T-bar transitions, and wipe effects. But it also has SDI and HDMI multiview outputs. As well, it has a USB-C to USB-A capture output.

Check out the video above or click here for a demo of the BG-MFVS61-G2.


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