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Demand perfection. Command with precision.

Introducing the BG-Commander-Pro, the ultimate joystick controller for PTZ cameras. With its versatile and powerful features, it's the perfect tool for professional broadcasting production. In this blog, we'll be going over the main features of the BG-Commander-Pro and how they can benefit you when managing even the largest of events!

7" Touchscreen

The BG-Commander-Pro features a 7" touchscreen that allows you to manage and edit settings all in one place, just like your smartphone or tablet. You can watch real-time image previews from connected cameras via their RTSP streams on the screen, and the high-quality 1024X600 resolution ensures you're getting the best representation of what the audience will see.

Video Wall Capabilities

The BG-Commander-Pro can create a 2X2 or 3X3 video wall using the camera RTSP streams, allowing you to select sources and arrange the video wall layout on the joystick controller itself. Once you have the final product ready, you can output the video wall using the HDMI interface. This feature can be especially useful in live events or large-scale video projects.

The Operating System

Built using Android 11, the BG-Commander-Pro supports H.265/H.264 decoding and can easily handle up to nine cameras simultaneously. The H.265/H.264 video compression standards provide high-quality video at lower bitrates, which means that video files can be compressed to a smaller size without sacrificing quality. This is especially important for streaming video over the Internet or mobile networks, where bandwidth is often limited.

Total PTZ Control

With total PTZ control including presets, focus, zoom, and exposure, you can easily control your PTZ cameras for better broadcasting production. The Commander Pro is also customizable with single IP multi-channel acquisition and ONVIF protocol support, meaning you can add up to 2048 devices!

Network Scanning and NDI® Support

When it comes to connecting IP cameras to the BG-Commander-Pro, the process is incredibly streamlined, making it a breeze to use. With its advanced network scanning feature, the joystick controller automatically detects and connects to all available IP cameras on your network, eliminating the need for manual configuration. Furthermore, the BG-Commander-Pro is fully compatible with NDI® technology, enabling it to scan specifically for NDI® cameras, which offer a range of powerful features and settings. With these innovative capabilities, you can effortlessly manage your cameras and ensure a smooth workflow, all while maintaining a high level of organization.

User-Friendly Design

The BG-Commander-Pro is designed to be user-friendly, with easy upgrades through a standard USB flash drive, the ability to utilize an external mouse/keyboard for easier interface control, and even record RTSP streams or take screenshots at the moment using the available Micro-SD expansion storage slot. It also features four RS422/RS485 and one RS-232 control port, making it ideal for large-scale video projects. It can be controlled via mouse and keyboard and enables Power over Ethernet (PoE) to make for a clean, easy setup.

Overall, the BG-Commander-Pro provides a simple UI for users to access professional-grade controls, management, and editing tools. If you’re interested in learing more about the BG-Commander-Pro, visit the product page for more information or contact a BZBGEAR representative today

Specifications for Nerds


- 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1024x600.

- Supports HDMI 4K@30fps, offering a clear and sharp image.

Decoding Ability

- Supports H264/H265.

- Max support H264 4x1080p@30fps and H264 16x720p@30fps.

- Max support H265 1x4K@60fps.


- Supports Onvif 2.8 version and other protocols that can be customized.


- Supports up to 2408 devices to add.

- PTZ Control, Preset, Patrol, Pattern, and capture video.

System Setting

- Language setting and password modification.

- Supports U disk upgrade.

Interface Port

- 1x RJ45 (Network).

- 4x RS485/RS422 (RJ45).

- 1x RS232 (RJ45).

- 1x HDMI output and 1x HDMI input, 2.0 version.

- 1x USB 2.0.

- 1x TF card slot.

- 1x standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Operation Interface

- Supports 4-Axis joystick, jog shuttle, knob, and button.


- Standard 5.5/2.1 power interface, DC 12V2A+/-10%.

- Power consumption <1.5W.

- MTBF >30000 hours.

Working Conditions

- Working humidity 10%-90%RH(no frost).

- Working temperature 14°F ~ 122°F / -10°C ~ 50°C.

- Storage temperature -40°F ~ 140°F / -40°C ~ 60°C.

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