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We have more cool tools for the AI powered auto-tracking ADAMO! There are many ways to control the BG-ADAMO-4KND by BZBGEAR. One of the latest control methods is the Intelligent Module by Symetrix! This 102 kb intelligent module is available for download on the Symetrix control library. The main features of this module are: active monitoring, easy PTZ control, and preset management.

Monitor status, refresh, restart, and reboot

Easy access to active monitoring functions are key for a successful production or livestream. These functions are especially useful if your ADAMO is mounted somewhere inaccessible to you. Adding the ADAMO to this module is also simple; just input your ADAMO’s IP address into the IP input field. Once the IP address has been verified, you will be ready to manage your camera. 

Control pan, tilt, and zoom

With the simple touch pad, users will have an easy time controlling the pan, tilt and zoom functions for their ADAMO. Users will also be able to zoom in/out, change PTZ speeds, and manage focus. Additionally, since the BG-ADAMO-4KND is an auto-tracking camera, users will have the ability to switch on the auto-tracking very easily. 

Create and store presets

With the Intelligent Module, users can set up to 9 presets for their camera. The interface comes with simple set, call, and clear preset actions. Set presets to quickly capture areas of interest at the click of a button. To recall a preset, simply select [call] when choosing your ideal preset. If you want to change a preset, you can select clear and create a new preset. 

Overall, there are many ways to control the BG-ADAMO-4KND, but having backup options is always important. The Intelligent Module by Symetrix is a very impressive control module and we recommend keeping it in your BG-ADAMO toolkit! For more information about Symetrix, visit:  

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