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Just about all tech today offer hands-free capabilities. And Full HD PTZ cameras are no exception. Introducing the BZBGEAR® LVUPTZ series of auto-tracking PTZ cameras: one an HDMI version and the other an SDI version. Eliminating the need for a camera operator, the LVUPTZ series automatically pans, tilts, and zooms, following its subject as he or she moves across the camera’s field of view. It is literally a set-and-forget PTZ camera system!



Auto-Tracking Functionality

The LVUPTZ auto-tracking PTZ camera has two cameras combined in a single housing unit. From a Full HD static image, the first camera provides tracking data. This built-in panoramic lens allows a unique combination of tracking capabilities and panoramic shots.

The second camera is a Full HD pan-tilt-zoom camera with advanced processing that allows its auto-tracking functions. This camera outputs a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 with its 1/2.8-inch high quality image sensor. Its optical zoom lenses (available in 12x and 20x) feature a distortionless wide viewing angle. With an advanced automatic focusing algorithm, auto focusing is quick and steady.


LVUPTZ auto tracking camera front


The LVUPTZ camera adapts to its subject and surroundings. The recognition of the subject along with its status detection adopt smart partitioning algorithms ensuring recognition and detection are unrelated to the environment. Tracking ability is not affected by classroom shape, size, or seating arrangements. Applying sophisticated human detection and tracking image processing, along with analytical methods including scene adaptivity and a smart image recognition library, the auto-tracking camera achieves fast, stable targeting.

The camera filters through interference efficiently. A diversified recognition shield setting ensures as soon as target tracking is locked, it will not be affected by miscellaneous moving objects. Movement sensitivity is adjustable providing solid tracking caused from minor movements such as hand gestures. Depending how far the subject is, the auto-tracking camera zooms accordingly enduring the visual image maintains proper scale and sizing. The LVUPTZ also provides wide dynamic exposure, solving issues with the subject dimming in strong light environments like that of a projector.


auto track subject


Audio/Video, Networking, and Control

The LVUPTZ auto-tracking PTZ camera audio input supports AAC/MP3/G.711A audio coding and 16000/32000/44100/48000 sampling frequency. It has multiple video compression standards supporting H.264 and H.265.


LVUPTZ HDMI vs SDI rear ports


The camera has a number of networking protocols and supports RTSP, RTMP, RTMP push mode, ONVIF, and GB/T28181. Manual control can also be utilized effectively. For long distance precision PTZ control, the LVUPTZ camera has a variety of control protocols. It supports PELCO-D, PELCO-P, automatic recognition, and all command VISCA control protocols. It utilizes LAN to connect to a local area network router or switch.


LVUPTZ control protocols


The LVUPTZ auto-tracking PTZ camera series is available in HDMI and SDI versions. Both come in 12x and 20x optical zoom ranges.

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