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Cameras were one of the greatest inventions for capturing glimpses of time and recording crucial moments in history. Similarly, artificial intelligence completely changed the tech industry, allowing humans to automate tasks that once required direct labor. What happens when artificial intelligence technology is combined with camera technology? BZBGEAR not only has an answer to that question, but a product as well!

At this year’s NAB show 2022 event located in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada, the BZBGEAR team was awarded for the ADAMO auto-tracking PTZ Camera (BG-ADAMO-4K). The auto tracking PTZ camera is the next generation of PTZ cameras, brilliantly designed with exclusive features and a unique form factor. Compared to equivalent products in its class, the BG-ADAMO is unrivaled in the live stream broadcasting market. This AI-powered auto tracking PTZ camera is an ideal fit for, studio recordings, event businesses, doctors, houses of worship, sporting events and clergy.

Now that we have your attention, let us get into more detail about what makes this camera special. The BG-ADAMO supports five video outputs, giving users more range with their work. The five video output options are SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and IP streaming. Users can also record up to 1 TB of 4K video with the microSD for on-the-go use. For users using SDI Cabling, the BG-ADAMO is equipped with a 12G SDI input, supporting output up to 4K @ 60Hz resolution. The 12G-SDI connection also enables long distance cable runs without compromising image quality. BZBGEAR aims to prepare professionals for any dilemmas they may come across.

A key component of effective tracking is the ability to clearly display the target. The seamless zoom feature is available with the 12x/25x optical zoom lens. The lens is designed with an advanced auto-focusing algorithm that promptly snaps into focus with dependable accuracy and stability. The 3D noise reduction technology combined with the low-noise CMOS sensor ensures impeccable image clarity. Users can choose between the 12x optical zoom lens with an 80.4° wide-angle, the 25x optical zoom lens with a 59.2° wide-angle, or the 31x optical zoom lens with a 59° wide-angle. Although artificial intelligence is involved, users still have full agency over their work!

We know what the BG-ADAMO does now but how do we turn it on? Getting the AI- powered BG-ADAMO up and running is simple, making it a compatible tool for all skill levels! When we say up and running, we do not mean that literally. A single PoE connection will provide power to the device, transfer data and give the user control.

BZBGEAR also provides a model BG-ADAMO-4KND compatible with NDI|HX software from NewTek. The NDI|HX technology from NewTek is currently the easiest way to get IP video into any production. This method requires a PoE connection and can easily be set up. Users will need to configure their cameras IP address to match the IP address of their local network. Once there is a match, users will be able to bring their video sources directly to their computers or onto their network.

Overall, the BG-ADAMO-4K auto-tracking PTZ camera was a showstopper at NAB show 2022. We were proud to be recognized for best of show for this amazing AI-powered PTZ camera. As always, a warm thank you to our supporters!

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