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Q&A with BZBGEAR on InfoComm 2023 Plans

Joel Cruz • June 13, 2023

CI: Explain the value to BZBGEAR of connecting face-to-face with the AV industry community at InfoComm ’23.

BZBGEAR: Honestly, it’s an invaluable experience connecting with fellow AV enthusiasts at the annual InfoComm events. With it being the largest pro AV gathering in North America, there is so much to learn about where the industry is and what people want and expect.

The keywords “face-to-face” is very important in regard to these trade shows. It’s difficult to fully grasp and experience all the new innovations any other way. Virtual shows held during the pandemic a few years ago deserve a lot of credit. While a valiant effort, it just wasn’t the same without getting hands-on with new tech and seeing it in person for yourself. Perhaps just as important, if not more, is the opportunity to meet the people behind the technology and connecting on a personal level.

CI: What are the biggest, most impactful trends that BZBGEAR has its eye on and that you expect will shape InfoComm ’23?

Some of the biggest trends we see coming into InfoComm 2023 are 8K, artificial intelligence, Dante AV, and HDBaseT 3.0.

While 4K is the standard and more accessible right now, 8K content is expanding and its time is coming. We’re expecting to see many new tech supporting 8K at this year’s show. AI is becoming huge and is being implemented in a wide variety of ways like software apps and auto tracking in cameras. It’s a big help in aiding and simplifying projects. Dante has been a major player in the audio segment for a long time. And with them expanding to video with Dante AV, it’s game changing how you can incorporate and control countless devices within the Dante-supported ecosystem. The latest version of HDBaseT is HDBaseT 3.0 and it’s working wonders with supported equipment. Signal extension is more efficient and optimized like never before as it’s the only fully uncompressed distribution solution on the market today.

CI: How is BZBGEAR leaning into those trends with its products and solutions? What can InfoComm attendees expect to see from you?

We are following all these trends closely and have been incorporating them into our latest solutions. Our 8K video distribution line consists of switchers, matrix switchers, splitters, amplifiers, and specialty cables. They support 8K@60Hz as well as 4K@120Hz, making them a huge deal for gamers wanting the cleanest resolutions and impeccable fluidity. The industry’s most awarded PTZ camera series, the Adamo, incorporates AI auto tracking, which is more accurate and efficient in locking on and tracking its target than basic auto tracking. No more setting up auto-tracking parameters as AI automatically locks on using the latest human algorithms. Our Adamo PTZ camera series also boasts Dante AV-H support, allowing for the ultimate versatility and flexibility in choosing how you broadcast content. We’ll also be showcasing new Dante-supported audio processors at InfoComm 2023. HDBaseT 3.0 is the most advanced form of signal extension and we’re proud our latest extenders support this technology.

Be sure to stop by BZBGear’s booth # 4553 at InfoComm 2023!


Original article written for Commercial Integrator.

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