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How This AV over IP Solution Revolutionizes Modern Audio, Video, Control

Joel R. Cruz • December 2, 2021

AV over IP is the most efficient method of delivering audio, video, and control signals today, providing the ultimate in scalability and cost-saving convenience.

Sacramento, CA, December 2, 2021 – BZBGEAR®, an audiovisual company producing pro AV and live streaming camera solutions, introduces an AV over IP system optimized for use with gigabit networks for sending audio, video, and control signals. The TAA-compliant BZBGEAR AVoIP system consists of two units: a multicast transceiver (BG-VOP-MT) and a smart controller (BG-VOP-CB).


"Utilizing your existing network infrastructure to transmit audio, video, and control can provide massive savings for a company," said Eugene Bocharov, president, BZBGEAR. "Inexpensive category cabling is all that's needed for countless devices to share the network. Installing an AV over IP system today prepares your audiovisual system for tomorrow."

The BG-VOP-MT is a 4K UHD HDMI over IP multicast transceiver with video wall & PoE support. This transceiver transmits UHD 4K@30 signals to 396 feet (120 meters) and features audio embedding and de-embedding for connecting external audio sources. The integrated USB 2.0 port provides KVM extension. BG-VOP-MT is HDCP compliant and supports IR and RS-232 with the ability to extend IR and RS-232.

Individually sold, the BG-VOP-MT transceiver is unique in that it changes between a transmitter or receiver with the flip of a switch. With only a single unit to remember for transmitting, receiving, and processing data signals, ordering parts and installation are now greatly simplified.

The BG-VOP-CB smart controller provides central management, self-recovery, and real-time monitoring over the BG-VOP-MT transceivers. With high scalability, a single BG-VOP-CB controller serves up to 1,024 transceivers at once. And as the BZBGEAR AVoIP system is TAA compliant, it can be used for government and military applications.

The integrated web interface enables users to drag and drop any source to any display, build video wall combinations, create custom OSD, and schedule video/power operations. Users can remotely access and activate the system from mobile devices. For control, a free, user-friendly iOS app is also available. BG-AVoIP-Control has a simple interface allowing users to quickly change sources and recall video wall presets at the touch of a button.


AVoIP diagram


BZBGEAR was born from the competitive nature of the audiovisual industry and surge of live streaming production. BZBGEAR provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for any size application including residential, commercial, and government projects. Backed by their three-year pro AV and five-year camera warranty programs, seven-days-a-week tech support, and lifetime product support.

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