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BZBGEAR’s Conference Speakers and Microphones

Trevon Martin • September 27, 2022

If you participate in conference calls often and do not use proper conference audio equipment, this article is for you. Using proper audio conferencing equipment can be a stepping stone to your success. Sure, you may have said all of the right things during your conference call with that client, but did they hear everything you were saying? BZBGEAR is going to make sure you get every word across with a variety of conference audio options to choose from. This includes both conference microphones and conference speakerphones. 


Compact High-Quality USB Conferencing Microphone

The BG-MIC-U1 is an easy-to-use USB conferencing microphone. It features a dual color LED indicator, a push ON/OFF switch and an electret cardioid condenser capsule. The internal shock mount minimizes mechanical noise for crystal-clear sound reproduction. This way, the only thing your clients will hear is your voice (unless your background is really loud). Integrated mounting holes allow for wall or ceiling placement for a clean installation. The flexible mounting options make it easy to implement this conferencing microphone in any style conference room. For ease of use out of the box, simply connect with a USB type B to USB type A cable for plug and play operation.

This conferencing microphone is ideal for conference rooms, houses of worship and theater applications. Additionally, this conferencing microphone comes in a sleek matte black color to adapt to the professionalism of your space. 


BG-SMB-4M: Wireless Desktop Conference Speakerphone

This wireless bluetooth/USB conference speakerphone is capable of 360 degree audio pickup at distances up to 4m (12ft)! So as long as you don’t leave the office during your call, you should be fine! The BG-SMB-4M is equipped with an integrated high-fidelity omni-directional microphone to provide a 360-degree pickup. If you like to pace the room while you speak, you can do so confidently. This speaker can also quickly connect to laptops, smartphones and tablets via the USB, Bluetooth, or 2.4G wireless connections. The rechargeable battery features a 4-hour battery life for performance on the go.

The 3.5mm headset port allows users to switch from a conference call to a private conversation. This way, if you get that highly anticipated call from your boss, no one else has to hear. With full-duplex echo cancellation, noise reduction, and ultra-wideband HD voice technology, this speaker provides clear sound, free of echoes or distortions. Capable of volume levels up to 85dB, it's also equipped with a line out connection for situations where more volume is needed.

In general, this wireless conference camera is a flexible audio audio conferencing solution for many applications. 

Additional features: This conferencing speakerphone comes with a carrying case for safe and easy travel, with its perfect sound quality it's great for music and voice. 


BG-SMB-5M: Wireless Desktop Conference Speakerphone

The BG-SMB-5M features full-duplex echo cancellation to eliminate the feedback that is commonly experienced when using the built-in microphones on most laptops. In addition to echo cancellation, this unit also utilizes noise reduction and a proprietary wideband HD voice enhancement algorithm to provide high-quality audio in any environment.

This wireless conference speakerphone can be connected directly to a PC or Mac with the supplied USB 3.0 cable for charging and easy wired setup. In addition to the USB 3.0 connection, a wireless USB adapter allows for cord-free operation. A 3.5mm audio output provides a convenient headset connection for private conversations.

The BG-SMB-5M is also equipped with two expansion ports. These ports can be used to connect up to two BG-EXM-SM5 extension microphones, allowing users to extend the audio pickup range to 33 feet for larger meeting and conference settings when needed.

Extension Mic for the wireless conference speaker 

The BG-EXM-SM5 is an expansion microphone that extends the pickup range of the BG-SMB-5M wireless speakerphone. Featuring 360 degrees of audio pickup, the maximum range of the BG-SMB-5M can be extended up to 33 feet when combined with the BG-EXM-SM5. Up to two of these extension mics can be connected directly into the host microphone. If you need a long distance speakerphone solution, these two devices are perfect for you! 


Overall, BZBGEAR’s audio conferencing solutions are easy to implement and very efficient. If you are looking to pick up an audio conferencing solution today, speak with a BZBGEAR representative

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