Netgear Stackable Managed Switch with 16x10G Including 8x10GBASE-T and 8xSFP+ Layer 3 (XSM4316S-100NES)

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NET-M4300-8X8F-PC - Stackable Half-Width 16-Port Fully Managed Switch with 8x10GBase-T and 8xSFP+.

The NETGEAR® M4300 Stackable Switch Series delivers L2/L3/L4 and IPv4/IPv6 cost-effective services for mid-enterprise edge and SMB core deployments with unrivalled ease of use: 10/40 Gigabit models can seamlessly stack with 1 Gigabit models within the series, enabling spine and leaf line-rate topologies. Nonstop forwarding (NSF) virtual chassis architectures provide advanced High Availability (HA) with hitless failover across the stack. Intelligent NETGEAR IGMP Plus™ multicast allows for scalable Pro AV installations at Layer 2 without the PIM complexity. Dual redundant, modular power supplies equipping full width models contribute to business continuity management. Layer 3 feature set includes static, dynamic and policy-based routing – as standard. The NETGEAR M4300 Switch Series is perfect for wireless access, unified communications and professional AV-over-IP installations.

NETGEAR Intelligent Edge Switch solutions combine latest advances in hardware and software engineering for higher flexibility, lower complexity and stronger investment protection, at a highvalue price point.


  • High Availability (HA)
    Non-stop forwarding (NSF) virtual chassis architectures with hitless failover across the stack
  • Multi-Resilienc
    Stacking and distributed link aggregation allow for zero downtime and load balancing capabilities
  • PVST+ Interoperability
    Per VLAN Spanning Tree and Per VLAN Rapid Spanning Tree (PVSTP/PVRSTP)
  • Link Dependency
    Enables or disables ports based on link state of different ports
  • Advanced IPv4/IPv6 security
    Malicious code detection, DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard protection and DoS attacks mitigation
  • Half-Width ToR
    Combine 2 half-width models in a single rack space for redundant Top-of-Rack (select M4300 models)
  • 8-port 10GBASE-T (RJ45) all independent
  • 8-port 10GBASE-X (SFP+) all independent
  • 320Gbps non-blocking fabric across 16 ports
  • Out-of-band 1G Ethernet management port
  • Mini-USB and RJ45 RS232 console ports and USB storage port
  • Full L3 feature set and non-stop forwarding (NSF) stacking
  • Half-width form factor with one- and two-unit rack mount kit
  • Two half-width switches can be installed in a single rack space for redundant top-of-rack
  • Ships with one modular APS250W PSU in its power supply slot
  • Low acoustics (36.9dB @ 25°C / 77°F), or fans off

Tech Specifications

Hardware Specifications

8 Ports Copper 100M / 1G / 10G

8 Ports SFP+ 1G / 10G

1 Modular Bay with One (1) 250W Modular PSU included APS250W

320 Gps Switching Fabric

Fixed Fan Front-to-Back 36.9dB

Management Options

Ethernet: Out-of-band 1G port (Front)

Console: RJ45 RS232 (Front)

Console: Mini-USB (Front)

Storage: USB (Front)

Single-pane-of-glass NMS300 management platform with mass-configuration support

Dual firmware image and configuration file for updates with minimum service interruption

Software Specifications

Table Sizes: 16K MAC

Up to 320 Gbps

Throughput up to 238 Mpps

Application Static Routing: 64v4 / 64v6

Latency: <0.9µs 10G SFP+, <2.43µs 10G RJ45

Multicast IGMP Membership : 2K IPv4 / IPv6

M4300 Series features: : License-free L2 and Layer 3, Layer 4 with Policy Based Routing, RIP, VRRP, OSPF and PIM

VLANS: 4K with 2K DHCP Server Leases, IPv4: 256 Pools / IPV6: 16 Pools

Mix-and-match Stackable Managed Switch Platform with nonstop forwarding and failover on all 1Gb to 10Gb models

Pre-configured for AV-over-IP L2 Multicast on all models 10G models (SDVoE Ready)




  • Power cord(s)
  • RJ45 straight-through wiring serial console cable to DB9
  • Mini-USB console cable
  • Rubber caps for the SFP+ sockets
  • Rubber footpads for tabletop installation
  • Installation guide
  • Resource CD with a link to the following manuals and software:
    • Software setup manual
    • CLI manual
    • Software administration guide
    • Hardware installation guide
    • The driver for use with the Mini-USB console cable
  • Half-width switch with one APS250W power supply unit
  • 1-unit rack-mounting kit: one long bracket, one regular (short) bracket, and screws (for front posts)
  • 2-unit rack-mounting kit: one pair of inside and outside middle mounts (for combining two half-width M4300 switches)