USB 2.0 SR Extender transfers signals over a single CAT-5 Cable up to 164ft in Distance

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The BG-USB2.0-SR is a USB 2.0 Extender transfers USB signals up to 50 meters/164ft distance via Cat5e/6 cable.  Plug your PC into the transmitter using the USB-B port for extension Power is supplied on the Receiver side using the included 5V/1A power port. This is necessary to meet the requirements for certain peripheral devices such as Keyboards, Mouse, Webcams and Disk drives utilizing the USB-A ports on the Receiver unit demanding more power for proper operation. Note, connecting USB Hubs limit transmissions to 130ft/40M due to bandwidth separation of multiple peripherals.
The device can be generally useful for long separation signal transmission between a PC and USB device. Plug and play friendly, no drive, or setting the establishment required.


  • Supports USB 2.0 protocol, transmission rate up to 480Mbps
  • Supports two USB 2.0 ports output on the Receiver
  • Compact design for easy and flexible installation
  • Supports extend distance up to 50 meters /164ft via CAT 5e/6 cable (Note: The transmission distance can only up to 40 meters / 131.2ft for some USB 2.0 Hub)
  • Receiver is powered supply by connecting 5V/1A power adapter (Must use a power supply on the Receiver unit for proper operation of peripherals)
  • Supports one USB-B port input on the Transmitter
  • Simple plug and play, no drive and setting installation required