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Doctor patient telehealth telemedicine

BZBGEAR Healthcare AV Solutions Work Wonders for Telemedicine

Telemedicine is changing the healthcare industry. Telehealth and telemedicine is the practice of healthcare and medicine using electronic and telecommunications ...
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What Are the Benefits of an Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera?

Auto-tracking PTZ cameras create a dynamic live stream without the added cost and complexity of video crews and equipment. Auto-tracking ...
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How BZBGEAR Solidifies Government and Military AV Systems

Government and military AV systems are large scale projects requiring critical planning so the proper equipment is procured. BZBGEAR ensures ...
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BZBGEAR BG-UPTZ-ND PTZ cameras for house of worship livestreams

How to Create a Successful House of Worship Livestream

Pastor Roy is from a medium-sized church and currently uses a smartphone to livestream to Facebook. However, he feels it’s ...
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What Is a Video Processor and How to Set Up a System?

A video processor converts video input signals into viewable content. The video sources being converted are usually HDMI, DVI, or ...
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What Is HDBaseT and How Does It Work?

HDBaseT is a standard for transmitting and receiving audio, video, and control signals over category cabling to remote locations. HDBaseT ...
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How to Create a Stunning Video Wall Using AV over IP

A local sports bar wants to replace their old projector and projector screen with a spectacular video wall setup. Let’s ...
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How to Send an SDI Signal Super Long Distances?

A university needs to extend and send an SDI signal from a PTZ camera in the auditorium to their main ...
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BG-BPTZ video conference room

PTZ Camera That Advances Any Video Conference Space

With normalcy attempting a comeback, employers are welcoming team members back to the office. Though some are keeping their employees ...
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What Is an SDI Splitter and Its Benefits?

The SDI standard continues to evolve with applications such as broadcasting and live events demanding higher bandwidth. SDI, or Serial ...
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