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BG-BPTZ video conference room

PTZ Camera That Advances Any Video Conference Space

With normalcy attempting a comeback, employers are welcoming team members back to the office. Though some are keeping their employees ...
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What Is an SDI Splitter and Its Benefits?

The SDI standard continues to evolve with applications such as broadcasting and live events demanding higher bandwidth. SDI, or Serial ...
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What Is a Multiviewer and Its Advantages in the AV Industry

Multiviewers have become a necessity in today’s AV industry. With the ability to display multiple video sources on a single ...
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What Is AV over IP and the Advantages of an AVoIP System

AV over IP, a.k.a. Audiovisual over Internet Protocol, a.k.a. networked AV, is today’s state-of-the-art method of delivering audio and video ...
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BG-MAESTRO auto-track ePTZ camera

BZBGEAR® Auto-Tracking ePTZ Camera MAESTRO Takes the Lead with Instructors

Sacramento, CA, May 20, 2021 – BZBGEAR, an audiovisual company producing Pro AV and live streaming camera solutions, introduces an 8MP ...
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BG-HDVS42U live event

The Best Affordable Video Switcher for Live Streaming 2021

Professional video switchers for TV or film cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. For most people and applications, ...
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BZBGEAR® Advances Software-Driven IP Workflows with NDI®

BZBGEAR® Advances Software-Driven IP Workflows with NDI® Fusing technological solutions, BZBGEAR and NDI transcend the boundaries of live streaming and ...
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The Best Auto-Tracking ePTZ Camera

Traditional auto-tracking cameras need two cameras integrated within the same unit to function. They are typically PTZ cameras, or pan-tilt-zoom ...
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What is an HDMI Extender

What Is an HDMI Extender and Its Benefits?

HDMI extenders help where HDMI cables are lacking—distance. HDMI cables only reach 50 feet before signal deterioration settles in. If ...
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BZBGEAR video switch blog thumb

What Is a Video Switch (Mixer) and Do I Need One?

Live streams can be produced with a single camera or multiple cameras, the latter providing different angles. When you begin ...
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