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All-in-One Computer and PTZ Camera Is All You Need

We all put a premium on consolidating platform devices for conference rooms, huddle spaces, large meeting halls, medical offices, and ...
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How to Choose the Perfect PTZ Camera

With distance learning and working from home the new norm, live streaming and video conferencing take on even greater importance ...
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PTZ and ePTZ: What Is the Difference?

Live streaming and video conferencing are growing as more of us work from home and practice distancing learning. What was ...
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BZBGEAR Provides Distance Learning Solution

The challenges of distance learning are creating pressures for universities and schools everywhere. As stay-at-home protocols continue for many, is ...
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BZBGEAR Presents Live Stream and Video Conference Solutions

Live streaming and video conferencing are more accessible than ever with present technology. The power of smartphones and the reach ...
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How COVID-19 Is Affecting the Pro AV Industry

With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 hitting swift and hard, the pro AV industry is bracing for hardships. In February, the ...
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Be Prepared for Today’s Mixed Environments

In mixed environments like educational facilities, there may be the latest devices and HDTVs. But lurking in the depths as ...
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What is a KVM Extender and Why Do I Need One?

What is a KVM extender? A KVM extender is a device that increases the distance from a keyboard, monitor, and ...
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A Big KVM Presentation Solution for Your Small Business

In presentation or collaboration settings, sometimes there are multiple presenters or the input source needs to change during the meeting ...
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Matrix Switch and Video Wall Creates Ultra Combo

Many businesses use a matrix switcher to display multiple sources on multiple displays. There are countless applications where a matrix ...
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