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Troubleshooting the BG-Commander: Reasons You Might Face Issues Controlling Your IP Cameras

Trevon Martin • November 22, 2023

If you've set up your BG-Commander PTZ Joystick Controller and added your IP cameras, but find yourself unable to control the pan, tilt, or zoom functions, this guide will help you identify common issues that could be causing the problem.

Check Network Compatibility:

1. Ensure that your IP cameras share the same network as your joystick controller. The joystick controller displays its native IP address on the initial screen after being powered on and connected to the network. For instance, if the joystick controller shows a native IP address of, your IP cameras should have addresses like for seamless communication. If you need assistance changing the IP address of your IP cameras, refer to our knowledge base articles or contact technical support.

Verify Protocol Selection:

2. Confirm that you are using the correct protocol. When adding a camera to the BG-Commander, choose from options like VICA(UDP), VISCA (TCP), SONY VISCA (UDP), and ONVIF. Ensure your IP camera supports the selected protocol to avoid communication issues. Double-check the "Target Port" under your camera's IP address, referring to the camera's manual or web interface for the correct port number based on the chosen protocol.

Select "Network" as Active I/F:

At the bottom of the screen with your selected camera, ensure that "Network" is chosen under "Active I/F."

Uncommon Issues:

Auto-Tracking Camera:

Ensure that auto-tracking is turned off before attempting manual control.

Duplicate IP Addresses:

Check that two or more cameras are not using the same IP address.

Network Switch Connection:

If cameras are hardwired to a network switch, confirm they are on the same network as your joystick controller.

Reboot or Restore to Factory Settings:

If all settings are correct but issues persist, try rebooting the camera or restoring the BG-Commander to factory settings and starting the setup process again.

If, after following these steps, you still cannot control your IP camera, please reach out to BZBGEAR technical support or your camera’s manufacturer if you are using an IP camera that is not from BZBGEAR. 

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