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Troubleshooting Guide for the BG-CYCLOPS

Trevon Martin • April 18, 2024

This guide provides steps to troubleshoot common issues with the BG-CYCLOPS camera. If problems persist after following these steps, please contact BZBGEAR support for further assistance.


No Video from BG-CYCLOPS

Issue: Not seeing an image or video feed from the camera.

  1. Check Privacy Cover: Ensure the privacy cover is fully opened.
  2. Verify Connections:

   - Power Supply: Confirm the camera is fully powered on.

   - USB Connection: Ensure the USB connection is secure and recognized.

   - HDMI Connection: Check the HDMI cable connection and select the correct HDMI input on your display.

  1. Activate Source:

   - For USB Connection: Look for the 'BG-CYCLOPS' camera source in your video conferencing or recording software.

   - For HDMI Connection: Select the appropriate HDMI input (e.g., HDMI 1, HDMI 2) on your display.

  1. Resolution Compatibility:

   - Ensure your display/device supports the resolution output of the BG-CYCLOPS. If necessary, adjust camera settings to match compatible resolutions (e.g., downscaling from 4K to 1080P).

  1. Still No Image?:

   - If all connections and settings are correct, reach out to BZBGEAR support for further assistance.


Audio Issues with BG-CYCLOPS

Issue: No audio or unclear audio from the camera.

  1. Audio Source Selection:

   - PC/Mac Settings: Ensure the BG-CYCLOPS is selected as the default audio input/output device.

  1. Camera Audio Settings:

   - Check the audio settings on the BG-CYCLOPS to ensure the microphone is enabled and volume levels are sufficient.

  1. Audio Clarity:

   - Adjust audio levels on the camera if necessary.

   - External Audio Output: If using external audio devices, ensure they support the following audio formats: AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), AGC (Automatic Gain Control), and ANS (Automatic Noise Suppression).


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