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Setting Up the BG-UHD-VW29 Video Wall Processor

Trevon Martin • February 26, 2024


This quick guide will assist you in setting up your BG-UHD-VW29 video wall processor using the provided software application. Please note that to unlock the full potential of this unit, the software application is essential during the setup process.

Step 1: Download the Free Software

If you haven’t already done so, download the free software from BZBGEAR by clicking [here].

Step 2: Establish Communication Between VW29 and PC

Ensure effective communication between your PC and the VW29 by following these options:

RS-232 Connection:

  • Select 'UART' as your control mode and enter the correct Port. The port should fill in automatically if the connection is recognized. If not, check your Device Manager.
  • Click 'Find via UART' to locate your VW29.

Network Connection (Direct or Indirect):

To access the 'Network Settings', enter [ctrl+shift+F2] on your keyboard while the software is open.

  • Choose 'Network' as your control mode.
  • Ensure both your VW29 and PC are on the same network scheme.
  • Adjust the VW29's IP address to match your network scheme using the 'Network Setting' tab in the software. For direct connections, set a static IP address within your PC's IP range. For connections through a network switch or router, select 'Auto IP (DHCP)' to enable automatic IP address assignment.
  • Save the configuration and reset the device.

Step 3: Configuring the Video Wall

Once communication is established, proceed to configure your video wall:

  • Click on the 'Video Wall' tab in the software.
  • Determine the layout of your video wall using the slider to adjust the number of TVs in each row and column.
  • Click 'Set' to apply your configuration.
  • Select and drag your mouse over all boxes to change their colors, then right-click to enable 'Screen Splicing'. The boxes should turn green, indicating a unified display across all screens.
  • To switch inputs, right-click and select 'Input Select'. 
  • Adjust input and output resolutions and formats in the 'Signal Setting' tab if necessary.
  • Ensure 'Fit to Screen' is enabled on all TVs in the picture settings if the bezel appears misaligned.


With this guide, you should have successfully set up your video wall and made the necessary adjustments for optimal performance. Should you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to contact BZBGEAR tech support for assistance.

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