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How to set the Address for Serial Control on the BG-CAM-10/20XA

The BG-CAM-10/20XA (discontinued 3/2021) is a little different to set up than our other cameras. Rather than through a WebGUI or on-screen display the serial control parameters are set with a series of DIP switches on the base of the camera.

      SW-1                      SW-2


The chart which shows the DIP switch positions for different addresses is a bit misleading. The obvious guess would be that PTZ address 3 would follow the pattern shown, and DIP-3 would be in the ON position while the others are all off. However, this is not the case.

The DIP switch pattern actually attempts to follow binary code patterns. In binary 1 is "1", 2 is "10", and 3 is "11". To assist you we have decoded addresses 1-7. If you're attempting to control more than 7 of these cameras contact the Tech Support department for further assistance.

PTZ Address Chart:

     DIP-1       DIP-2       DIP-3       DIP-4       DIP-5         DIP-6

1.     ON          OFF          OFF          OFF         OFF          OFF

2.    OFF          ON          OFF          OFF         OFF          OFF

3.    ON           ON           OFF         OFF          OFF          OFF

4.    OFF         OFF          ON          OFF          OFF          OFF

5.    ON          OFF          ON           OFF         OFF           OFF

6.   OFF         ON            ON           OFF         OFF           OFF

7.    ON         ON             ON           OFF         OFF           OFF

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