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How to Live Stream to YouTube with NDI (Windows)

admin • July 9, 2021
In this article we will review the steps to establish a live stream to YouTube from your Camera’s NDI feed using NewTek NDI Tools. It is assumed that your camera is connected to your LAN and has an IP address that is compatible with your router's settings. If this has not been done refer to our knowledge base articles on addressing your camera here or here. The NDI protocol from Newtek offers a powerful way to distribute video content on your network using an IP stream. In addition to high-quality video and low latency, NDI allows users to take advantage of NewTek’s Webcam Input (Virtual Camera) to easily link their camera to YouTube Live.   Step 1: Download NDI Tools Here *Be sure to install all components of the NDI Tools package*   Step 2: Login to your camera’s web browser interface to enable the NDI stream. Navigate to Configuration -> NDI and check the box for NDI Enable. Choose an NDI Name that will be easily recognizable and set your NDI Group, if desired. Click Save and reboot the camera. *The camera MUST be rebooted for these settings to apply!*    Step 3: Activate the NDI Newtek Virtual Input by navigating to your Start Menu -> NDI 4 Tools -> Webcam Input. The Webcam Input icon (NDI Virtual Input) will now appear at the bottom right of your taskbar (sometimes in the hidden icons). Right-click the icon -> NDI_HX -> (Your NDI Source Name). Make sure your NDI Source is checked to activate.   Step 4: Login to your YouTube account and click on the camera icon  at the top right of the interface and select “Go Live”. This will navigate you to YouTube Studio. Select the “Webcam” tab on the left side of the page and enter your webcam stream info (title, audience, etc.)   Step 5: In the same window, select “More Options” located at the bottom. Add a description and category for your live stream Select “NewTek NDI Video” from the camera device dropdown list. Select your audio source and then click “Next”.   Step 6: Create your video thumbnail automatically or upload a custom thumbnail.   Step 7: You are now ready to start the live stream. Click “Go Live” at the bottom and your stream will begin after the countdown timer.
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