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Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide for BG-UHD-VW2X2 Video Wall Processor

Trevon Martin • January 25, 2024

In this guide, we will address common issues users may encounter with the BG-UHD-VW2X2 video wall and provide step-by-step solutions for effective troubleshooting. Follow these instructions to resolve issues related to image display, rotation, sizing, and clarity on your video wall.

Scrambled Image on Video Wall:

If your video wall appears scrambled, it may be due to incorrect output configurations. For a 2X2 video wall setup, ensure that the top two TVs are assigned outputs one and two, while the bottom two are three and four. Apply this principle to other video wall configurations as well. Rearrange outputs accordingly for a properly aligned display.

Rotating Images 180 Degrees:

To rotate the images on the top two TVs 180 degrees, use the remote's A and B buttons located in the top right corner. Flipping the top two TVs upside down is recommended to reduce inner bezel visibility. Simply press A and B simultaneously to achieve the desired rotation for a seamless viewing experience.

Properly Fitting Image to Screen:

If parts of the video wall display appear cut off or improperly sized, activate the "Fit to Screen" option on your TVs. While this setting is usually on auto, manually turning it on for each TV ensures the image resizes correctly. This adjustment guarantees that your content is displayed optimally on the entire video wall.

Unclear or Non-Displaying Image:

When the image is not clear or fails to appear despite correct setup, resolution conflicts may be the culprit. For a 2X2 video wall, change resolutions to 1080P@60. Although the BG-UHD-VW2X2 supports 4K, setting all TVs to 1080P mimics a unified 4K image. Understand that dividing a 4K image into four quadrants results in 1920X1080 resolution for each. Additionally, ensure your source supports 1080P, or consider adding a down scaler to your system if necessary.


Following these troubleshooting steps should address common issues encountered with the BG-UHD-VW2X2 video wall. If problems persist after attempting these solutions, don't hesitate to contact technical support for further assistance. Ensure that your video wall operates seamlessly to enhance your viewing experience.

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