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What the International Broadcasting Convention is all about

Trevon Martin • August 8, 2022

As the world’s most inspiring content and technology event, IBC’s vision is to empower content everywhere. Since 1967, IBC has been an event delivered by the industry, for the industry. We can’t wait to bring back exhibitors, speakers, visitors, and the entire community, to engage with each other, unlock business opportunities, discover the latest innovations and explore the exciting world of content.” - IBC

From September 9th to September 12th, BZBGEAR will be in Amsterdam exhibiting at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC). This will be the first convention in three years since the international COVID 19 pandemic lockdown. IBC is bringing some of the largest companies and most notable professionals in the industry back to Amsterdam this year. As for visitors, IBC is aiming to create an otherworldly experience for everyone that attends. Whether you are an exhibitor (like BZBGEAR) or a visitor, here are seven recommended activities you can be a part of at IBC 2022. 

IBC Exhibition 

Along with BZBGEAR, some of the largest names in the pro AV, pro media and broadcast industries will be at IBC. This list includes household names such as Google, Sony and Amazon. The array of exhibitions will give visitors and exhibitors an opportunity to experience the latest ground-breaking products, services and technologies; from the world’s leading brands to the fastest-growing start-ups.

IBC Conference 

The IBC conference will give professionals a chance to hear from the greatest minds within their industries. This is a high-level two-day conference featuring industry keynotes, in-depth panel discussions and technical paper presentations. The IBC Conference highlights significant leaps in efficiency across the industry in content supply chain, live and remote production and innovation

“Content Everywhere”

Content Everywhere refers to the Content Everywhere Stage. This sector of IBC draws on the expertise of Content Everywhere exhibitors to help visitors get up to date on growth in the distribution and consumption of video content online. Content includes panel discussions along with demonstrations and presentations on innovative technologies, products, services and techniques, relevant to the consumption of Content Everywhere.

Accelerator Innovation Program 

The IBC Accelerator Innovation Program is back for 2022! This is a fast-track Innovation framework for the media & entertainment eco-system. The IBC Accelerator program aims to support the media & entertainment industry with a framework for agile, collaborative and fast-track innovation. 

Showcase Theater

The IBC Showcase Theater covers the latest technologies and solutions. Those who attend can expect sessions from Google, AWS, and EVS. Stop by and be the first to see some of the latest innovations in the tech space!

IBC Awards

IBC will be giving awards to nominees in the following categories: Content Creation, Content Distribution, Content Everywhere, Environment and Sustainability, Social Impact, Advances in Diversity and Inclusion and Social Impact. Stop by and see who the winners are!

Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Amsterdam is known for its tourist attractions! Amsterdam is an exhilarating European hub with unparalleled amounts of history, culture and activities. Discover Amsterdam and witness the breath-taking canals and exquisite architecture, this city never ceases to amaze! For more information, visit the I amsterdam website.

Overall, we are excited to exhibit at IBC 2022! For more information on where to find the BZBGEAR exhibit, visit: The BZBGEAR exhibitor page. Also, visit to learn more about IBC 2022. 

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