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What Is an HDMI Extender and Its Benefits?

Joel R. Cruz • May 3, 2021

HDMI extenders help where HDMI cables are lacking—distance. HDMI cables only reach 50 feet before signal deterioration settles in. If you've ever experienced your display pixelating, lagging, even with total picture loss, a common fix is an HDMI extender.

An HDMI extender is a point-to-point device that does exactly what its name implies: it extends an HDMI signal from a source (cable box, game console) to the display. To extend an HDMI signal, HDMI extenders use category cables, or CAT cables; basically what you connect your laptop to your router with for internet access.

CAT cables are more efficient to run through walls, attics, and crawl spaces versus an HDMI cable with a bulky connector head. Another benefit to CAT cables is they are less likely to fail over time, unlike HDMI cables.

Watch our quick video for more details on what an HDMI extender is.





BZBGEAR has two great 4K HDMI extenders, BG-EXH-70C and BG-EXHKVM-70C, the latter including KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) functionality.

BG-EXH-70C 4K HDMI Extender


First, let's take a look at the BG-EXH-70C. This 4K HDMI extender transmits an uncompressed 4K@60Hz signal 70 meters (230 feet) using a CAT 6/6A/7 network cable, all with zero latency. Digital audio extraction for an external audio source is done via the S/PDIF port while supporting Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, DTS-Audio, and LPCM audio formats. With the flip of a switch, select ARC for returning audio from compatible displays. An HDMI loop-out allows an additional display to be connected on the transmitter side. Bi-directional IR pass-through, surge protection, and a plug-and-play setup ensure an easy install along with flexibility and reliability.


BG-EXH-70C diagram


The BG-EXH-70C can even extend the HDMI signal from a PTZ camera allowing for remote viewing and control. When pairing this HDMI extender with a video switcher like the BG-HDVS42U, it's the perfect production bundle for live streaming, TV broadcasting, video podcasts, houses of worship, and live events.

Watch our setup + demo video below of the BG-EXH-70C.





This HDMI extender is similar to the BG-EXH-70C, with the added benefit of controlling a keyboard and mouse from a remote location. The BG-EXHKVM-70C transmits an uncompressed 4K@60Hz HDMI signal 70 meters (230 feet) with USB 2.0. Like the BG-EXH-70C, it's comprised of two units: a transmitter (Tx) that connects to the source (computer) and a receiver (Rx) that connects to the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. KVM functionality allows remote control of a computer or media player from the display side using a keyboard and mouse.



A KVM extender benefits many applications relating to schools, offices, call centers, hospitals, and retail stores. It improves the workspace by reducing clutter and clearing desk space in workstations. It protects computers from technical failures, damage, and unauthorized tampering in industrial and public locales. A KVM extender is also great for live events and presentations where audio, video, and control signals can be transmitted from the computer, which is typically located backstage away from the speaker, allowing for control over the screen's content.

Watch our setup + demo video below of the BG-EXHKVM-70C.



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