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What is a wireless HDMI extender?

Eugene Makarenko • April 18, 2019

A Wireless HDMI Transmitter eliminates the need for an HDMI cable by using low band frequencies to pass HDMI signals. The technology that's being utilized is called “Dynamic Frequency Selection” or DFS. This technology actively monitors the RF spectrum to identify and select an available channel. This process selectively chooses the best frequency with the least amount of traffic interference to transmit/receive the HDMI signal. DFS assists in producing a reliable, high-quality HD or 4K signal with only 1 ms of latency; basically a blink of the eye.



Current resolutions include 720p@60Hz, 1080p@60Hz and now even 4K@30Hz with only 1ms of latency. The units are typically small and lightweight making them ideal for concealing behind a TV Display. For those wondering, many Wireless HDMI Extenders will also support Dolby/DTS 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system for your home theater receivers.


Wireless HDMI Extenders are being utilized for a variety of applications these days. You can find them Residential Homes, Houses of Worship, Businesses, Stadiums, Historical Buildings and Government facilities. In the Commercial world they are most commonly used for extending signals to displays for Digital Signage Applications. 


Depending on the brand and model you will find Wireless HDMI Extenders offer range distances from 30ft for say your home or up to 3000ft typically used in an arena or stadium. 


The distance limitations vary from 30 ft – 3000 ft, depending on the brand and model. Direct line of sight is typically a requirement due to walls and other obstructions will significantly decrease the transmission distance. 


Make sure to analyze your environment prior to purchasing to ensure you have the best compatible option. If your not certain, you should contact your local AV Integrator for Assistance! 

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