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The Main Benefits of AV over IP

Trevon Martin • February 2, 2023

Audio-Video (AV) over Internet Protocol (IP) is revolutionizing how we think about and manage audiovisual systems. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the key benefits of AV over IP, and why this technology is quickly becoming the preferred choice for many organizations.



One of the biggest advantages of AV over IP is scalability. Unlike traditional analog systems, which can be limited by cable lengths and the number of available inputs, IP-based systems can be easily expanded to accommodate more devices and sources. This makes them an ideal choice for organizations that need to adapt to changing requirements quickly.



Another major benefit of AV over IP is flexibility. IP-based systems allow for flexible routing of audio and video signals over the network, making it easier to reconfigure and reposition devices as needed. This means that organizations can quickly adapt to changes in their environment, such as moving to a new location or adding new devices.



Quality is a critical consideration for any audiovisual system, and AV over IP delivers in this regard. IP-based systems can transmit high-quality and low-latency signals, making them suitable for live broadcasting and video conferencing applications. This ensures that audiences always receive a clear and seamless experience, even when multiple devices are in use.



In addition to delivering high-quality audio and video, AV over IP systems can also be more cost-effective in the long run. IP-based systems allow for the reuse of existing network infrastructure and hardware and can reduce the need for expensive specialized cables and equipment. This makes them an ideal choice for organizations looking to save on costs while still delivering a high-quality audiovisual experience.


Remote management

Finally, AV over IP systems can be monitored and managed remotely, making it easier for administrators to diagnose and resolve issues from a centralized location. This saves time and makes it easier to manage systems in geographically dispersed locations, ensuring that issues are resolved quickly and effectively.


BZBGEAR AV over IP Systems

BZBGEAR’s AVoIP (Audio/Video over IP) features a multitude of connections including HDMI, analog audio in/out, bi-directional IR, and RS-232. Our AV over IP system also delivers various connections over a Local Area Network (LAN). The possibilities are endless – everything from creating a virtual A/V Matrix system, a Video Wall, or even a KVM extension – all while utilizing your existing network infrastructure! With our AV over IP control software users can drag and drop any source to any display, build video wall combinations, create custom OSD, and schedule video and power operations. This user-friendly software program saves time and money by eliminating the need for a third-party control system! 


Overall, AV over IP is transforming how we think about and manage audiovisual systems. Its scalability, flexibility, quality, cost-effectiveness, and remote management capabilities quickly become the preferred choice for organizations of all sizes. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing system or build a new one from scratch, AV over IP is worth considering.

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