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The Integration of Viz Engine 5 & Unreal® Engine 5 for PTZ Cameras

Trevon Martin • April 24, 2023

In the realm of broadcast and live events, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras have become indispensable tools for capturing live footage. However, with the integration of Viz Engine and Unreal Engine 5, the potential for PTZ cameras has greatly expanded. This integration has opened up new possibilities for creating immersive virtual experiences incorporating live video feeds. Here are a few ways in which the integration of Viz Engine with Unreal Engine 5 can benefit PTZ cameras.


Native NDI® Integration

Viz Engine's native NDI (Network Device Interface) integration enables the synchronization of tracking data and NDI sources. This synchronization can enable out-of-the-box augmented reality (AR) setups with PTZ cameras. In other words, PTZ cameras can be easily integrated into AR workflows, which is useful for creating immersive virtual experiences incorporating live video feeds. 


Enhanced Render Pipeline

The enhanced render pipeline in Viz Engine 5 provides advanced photorealism within virtual sets. This level of photorealism is beneficial for applications such as virtual events or product demonstrations that use PTZ cameras to capture live footage. The ability to dynamically load image assets into an existing Unreal Engine project is also useful for content creators who want to incorporate PTZ camera footage into virtual environments.


Adaptive Graphics

The adaptive graphics feature in Viz Engine 5 automatically adjusts graphics for traditional TV and handheld device aspect ratios, as well as non-traditional displays such as studio video walls and digital signage. This feature is useful for displaying PTZ camera footage on a variety of different displays, which can enhance the viewing experience for audiences.


Final Thoughts

Overall, integrating Viz Engine with Unreal Engine 5 provides a range of benefits for PTZ cameras. These benefits include improved AR workflows, enhanced photorealism in virtual sets, and automatic adjustment of graphics for different display types. With the integration of these two powerful engines, the possibilities for PTZ cameras in the broadcast and live event industry are endless!

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